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Category: Battle | Controls | Event | Menu/ System | Text Message | Tweaks/ Fix | Misc.

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Autobattle Bugfix
Lets you fixes leaked side effects bugs when an autobattle actor has skills/items with damage formulae having side effects
DoubleX Jun 7, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Better Weapon Ranges (YEP Extension)
Allows for specifying the range of a weapon when using Yanfly's Row Formation's plugin.
Immac Jun 1, 2020 Battle
Damage Control
Allows controlling skill and item damage by introducing a bottom and a cap, a la classic Final Fantasy games.
ave369 Jun 1, 2020 Battle
SpokenWord: A Text-To-Speech Plugin
SpokenWord is a plugin for RPG Maker MV that allows you to easily include text-to-speech in your projects using plugin commands, script, and/or message control characters.
dismal_science__ May 30, 2020 Text Message
Splash Encounter Fadeout/Fadein Effect
Set splash fadeout/fadein effect at launch for battle.
Sasuke KANNAZUKI (thx to Mokusei Penguin) May 26, 2020 Battle
Multiple Simultaneous States Animations (YEP Extension)
No longer you will be shackled to show only one state's animation.
Immac May 24, 2020 Battle
Gold Icon (currency icon)
Replace currency unit display with icon
munokura May 20, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Tile Passability Visualization
For Playtest purpose / Tile passability visualization
Trb May 19, 2020 Misc.
Escape Lost Gold (Escape Penalty)
You lose your gold when you run away in battle
kotonoha* May 19, 2020 Battle
Counter Animation
Plays an animation when a counterattack was about to happen.
kotonoha* May 16, 2020 Battle
Critical Animation, Actor State Color
Animation plays when a critical hit happens | Changes the character's color tone affected by status effects
kotonoha* May 12, 2020 Battle
Map Name in Save Data
Shows the current map name in save data
kotonoha* May 11, 2020 Menu/ System
Enemy Icon
Icon is shown in front of the enemy's name in battle.
munokura (edited by: Triacontane) May 11, 2020 Battle
Make a copy of your events to any map in your game.
Dr.Xamã May 10, 2020 Event
Shop BGM
During shop scene, shop background music plays automatically.
Triacontane May 9, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Display JumpToMap or Exit on Title Screen Main Menu
A XueYu Plugins May 7, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Display Version or Multiple lines of text in Title Screen
A XueYu Plugins May 7, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Show FPS on mobile device by added option
A XueYu Plugins May 7, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Force PC Linux Android to read video format you specified
A XueYu Plugins May 6, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Allows you to draw tilemap in mv editor, and play animation of any type tiles in game.
chyj4747​ May 5, 2020 Misc.
Force PC Linux Android to read audio format you specified.
A XueYu Plugins May 5, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
This simple Plugin now allow you to add more text color codes, starting from 32.
TSR, The Northern Frog May 5, 2020 Text Message
No-Frills Self-Variables
ozubon May 3, 2020 Event
Follower Distance
Lets party followers lag a set number of tiles behind.
MechPen​ May 1, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Loot Tables
Adds a randomized tier-based loot drop mechanic to your game.
dingk Apr 30, 2020 Battle
Localize your game, without modifying your project.
Creta Park Apr 29, 2020 Misc.
Skill Progress
Lets you to set some skills to progress to some other skills after gaining enough skill experience and meeting some prerequisites
DoubleX Apr 28, 2020 Battle
Eli_RevealDarkCovers(Mrts extension)
Reveal Dark Covers
Eliaquim​ Apr 19, 2020 Misc.
It's A Self-Playing Piano! (Pianola)
ozubon Apr 13, 2020 Misc.
Create and manipulate files from within the game itself!
ozubon Apr 12, 2020 Misc.
Merger of two plugins from the Iavra author: Iavra_Localization_Core and Iavra_Localization_Menu
Iavra​ Apr 11, 2020 Misc.
Play a common event on the map scene every time the player closes/exits the menu.
Eliaquim​ Apr 10, 2020 Event
Allows you to change the basic settings of the default font about the game.
Eliaquim​ Apr 10, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Adds autosave and autoload functionality with some extra things.
Eliaquim​ Mar 21, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Picture Button, Don't Touch Region
system related
tomoaky Mar 17, 2020 Menu/ System
Map Inventory
visual grid inventory
Pheonix KageDesu​ Mar 16, 2020 Menu/ System
Control the max number of followers
A very simple script to modify the number of followers permissible in the game.
Kaisyl/Synrec Mar 15, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
Ink Integration
Simple integration script that allows using Ink within RMMV.
Logan Pickup Mar 8, 2020 Misc.
Knight Editor
Visual Doodad Editing
Tulio Correa Mar 2, 2020 Misc.
Party Change in menu
Allows you to change party on menu screen.
Kanji the Grass Feb 25, 2020 Menu/ System
Map Name Extension, Map Fade Extension
map related
tomoaky Feb 23, 2020 Menu/ System
Power Level
Changes the way level ups work by making level ups a factor of battle only.
Kaisyl/Synrec Feb 23, 2020 Battle
TAA_SkillMastery (v1.0.1)
Load skill level data through a JSON file
taaspider Feb 14, 2020 Menu/ System
Set the balloon location and animation to freely.
Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory​ Feb 14, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
State Stacker
Indicates the amount of stacks a state has.
Kaisyl/Synrec Feb 9, 2020 Battle
External Text Files
Allows you to call messages from external JSON files.
Tome571 Feb 9, 2020 Misc.
Indominable Will
Will feature and set the state which allows the indominable will function.
Kaisyl/Synrec Feb 7, 2020 Battle
TSR_Title, customize your Title Screen
Provide various options for customizing the game Title screen.
TSR, The Northern frog​ Feb 3, 2020 Menu/ System
GDT Item Durability
Let Items expire after some Steps, Fights or Time based. You can make these Item disappear from your Inventory or even change it to another Item (for example Egg to Hatching Egg)
Gilles Feb 1, 2020 Tweaks/ Fix
GL Transition Effects version 1.1.0
Brings back battle transitions from rpg maker xp/vx, but with a lot more features/flexibility!
Chaucer Feb 1, 2020 Misc.
VX Tilesets Compatibility
VX tilesets compatibility for RPG Maker MV
canotun Jan 27, 2020 Misc.
Tactics System 1.1 (Tactical Battle System)
Contains the basic features to build a tactical rpg. I tried to write the code as simply and clearly as possible.
arleq1n Jan 25, 2020 Battle
Job Change with Alternate Layout (Class Change)
Job change system
Douraku Jan 24, 2020 Menu/ System
GL_Fog version 1.1.0
Utilizes webgl to create randomized fog, no images required!
Chaucer Jan 23, 2020 Misc.
Resist State Message
To set a message state on skill/ item when resisted.
Mokusei Penguin Jan 21, 2020 Battle
Choice List Options [1.42]
Allows the game developer to set positioning and layout options of the choice list window
Ossra​ Jan 18, 2020 Text Message
Linkable Credits, Level Up with Gold [system related]
Adds a credit command to title screen. | Use gold instead of experience points and level up your actors at any time from the menu.
tomoaky Jan 18, 2020 Menu/ System
Event On Transfer [1.27]
Allows the game developer to run a common event when entering and/or exiting a map.
Ossra​ Jan 17, 2020 Event
Conditional Title Music [1.17]
Allows the game developer to play a specified group of audio files on the title screen when the condition set for that group is met.
Ossra​ Jan 16, 2020 Menu/ System
On-Map Party Formation Change
A small window scene on the map to quickly change characters formation/order.
Tome571 Jan 16, 2020 Menu/ System
Twitch Chat Integration (Twitch Plays MV)
Cofunctions with a Twitch bot that reads inputs from Twitch chat, allowing your chat to control your game.
Jiffy Jan 13, 2020 Misc.
Sentry Integration
Allows developers to receive automated crash reports when the game crashes.
AceOfAces Jan 12, 2020 Misc.
Battle Formation (ver. 1.7)
Create battle formation such as back attack and side attack.
Mokusei Penguin Jan 9, 2020 Battle
Kaisyl's Vampirism
Extends the functions of the current existing drain effects in the game.
Kaisyl/Synrec Jan 8, 2020 Battle
Camera Mouse Movement
Allows the player to move the camera using the mouse.
Magnus0808 Jan 7, 2020 Controls
Single Actor System
This plugin makes it so you skip actor selection.
Magnus0808 Jan 5, 2020 Menu/ System
Battle Mist, Battler Visual Extension
battle visual effects
tomoaky Jan 2, 2020 Battle
Menu Game End, Enable Video Alpha, TroopLayerOrder
Few of Kido's plugins
kido0617 Dec 26, 2019 Misc.
DE Immersive Dialogue
Allows for implementation of random or sequential dialogue pulled from a txt file so you can easily create a batch text / random text.
DeadlyEssence01 Dec 25, 2019 Text Message
VE Throwable Objects in YEP Battle Core Engine Sequences Patch
Lets you use VE Throwable Objects within the Battle Core Engine action sequence
BrianKB Dec 21, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Return Label
Allows you to call a Go To Label statement in a particular way so that the game remembers where it was called, so that it can be returned to later.
KeeganKLM​ Dec 17, 2019 Event
Single Save Data UI Modification plugins (Plugins set)
A UI overhaul of both the title screen and save screen.
Jomarcenter-MJM Dec 14, 2019 Menu/ System
Save Thumbnail
Adds a thumbnail image to save file and displays for each slot. Thumbnail is based on the map screen
Yakinori Dec 13, 2019 Menu/ System
Locked content requested unofficially by A-ster that may be somehow used as dlc.
myenemy​ Dec 9, 2019 Event
States icons display change
If you use the "face"'s space, you can have up to 16 states' icons displayed at the same time!
Makai Rosi Dec 6, 2019 Misc.
Item Call Script
Create an item or skill that will run any script when used.
Triacontane Dec 3, 2019 Misc.
Level Up Extension plugin
First of all this plugin is addition for Yanfly's Message Core and Message Extension Pack plugins so it might not work properly without them, so keep it in mind!
Soulrender Nov 28, 2019 Text Message
Window Background Image/Mapshot with Effects
Display a custom image "behind" messagebox, pictures, busts.
ct_bolt Nov 26, 2019 Event
Graphical Design Mode
In design mode, you can set or arrange objects properties and design the screen ingame during playtest.
Triacontane Nov 23, 2019 Menu/ System
Basic Title Logo
Insert Image to the titlescreen
Jomarcenter-MJM Nov 22, 2019 Menu/ System
Run common event (and/or call script) when variable(s) is changed.
ct_bolt Nov 21, 2019 Event
Play GIF in MV (PKD VPlayer)
Allows you play GIF and WEBM animation
Pheonix KageDesu​ Nov 19, 2019 Event
Debug mode before battle
Add-on to original debug mode
futokoro Nov 18, 2019 Menu/ System
Regen/Degen Battle Log
Possible to see Regeneration/Degeneration message in the battlelog.
futokoro Nov 17, 2019 Battle
Notification Window
Information window that displays texts by sliding from the right
Yakinori Nov 16, 2019 Text Message
JIF Debug Core
Makes game testing much easier than ever before.
Jiffy Nov 14, 2019 Menu/ System
Goal of mimicking the title screen from Bravely Second: End Layer in RPG Maker MV.
Critcap Nov 14, 2019 Menu/ System
Allows the game to switch out the message face for the face of an actor designated in the message face's file name.
Anyone Nov 12, 2019 Text Message
Battlelog Messages (1.6.1)
Lets you do battle log stuff more easier
ZainWD Nov 11, 2019 Battle
Encodes your database files. Or in particular all JSON files it finds inside the data folder of your project.
Poryg Nov 9, 2019 Misc.
This plugin adds onscreen buttons for mobile devices.
Eliaquim Nov 8, 2019 Controls
MMORPG Maker MV (or MMOMV) is a project trying to allow both makers and developers to build - with ease - an MMORPG using RPG Maker MV.
ledomaine Nov 7, 2019 Misc.
This plugin is designed to give developers some simple flexibility to change these default settings.
Eliaquim Nov 7, 2019 Misc.
Character Maker
Create characters with generator parts in game.
Mokusei Penguin Nov 5, 2019 Event
This plugin automatically turns on a switch in response to something that is happening.
Eliaquim Nov 1, 2019 Event
You can choose the position of the choices window using two variables or plugin commands!
Eliaquim Oct 31, 2019 Text Message
Pause game time(PlayTime, not the Timer) counting by turning on a switch or using a plugin command.
Eliaquim Oct 30, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Reset the game using a plugin command or script call like F5 does.
Eliaquim Oct 29, 2019 Controls
Trb - RestoreBattle (Battle Save)
Allows you to save in battle and resume the battle from the battle save.
Trb Oct 28, 2019 Battle
Game Recorder
Game screen recording system(β), output: webm
Rutan 2018/06/06 Misc.
Makai Object Variables
Create and manipulate variables that hold more than one value (aka object type variables)
Makai Rosi Oct 16, 2019 Misc.
Test Report Set
Plugin for easier reports when testing
kido0617 Oct 15, 2019 Misc.
MJM Copyright information
So someone stole your game again and its that one guy again. Well this plugin can solve any problem.
Jomarcenter-MJM Oct 14, 2019 Misc.
MKR_ChoiceWait (Delay when showing choice)
Adds a delay when choice display before select cursor shows up
Mankind Oct 11, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom Map Descriptions
Custom Map Descriptions allows you to set a map description that will displayed along with the map name when entering a map.
Lene (vividXP) Oct 7, 2019 Text Message
Fix direction problem with SAN_AnalogMove.js
Eliaquim Sep 28, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Screen Variables
Show multiple Texts in any place you want on your game map screen.
Krimer Sep 20, 2019 Text Message
Random Treasure
Get randomize items as an event.
kido0617 Sep 19, 2019 Event
TF_Undulation.js You can walk stairs smooth!
Can walk tiles of different height naturally, such as stairs.
Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory​ Sep 14, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Unison Item Compatibility
Fixes DoubleX RMMV Unison Item compatibility issues
DoubleX Sep 9, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
GDT Enemies use Items
We use these Fake skills in the enemy configuration for attacks and give enemies their items via Notetags.
Gilles Sep 8, 2019 Battle
Skill Hotkeys Compatibility
Fixes DoubleX RMMV Skill Hotkeys compatibility issues
DoubleX Sep 6, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Character Movements (Idle, Walk and Run)
Allows for player movement to cycle between 3 character sheets: idle, walk and run.
fbu Sep 1, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Variables Range
Allows you to limit the values of variables in the specified range.
DK Aug 31, 2019 Misc.
Little tweaks, mostly chrono engine
Sometimes it's a bugfix, sometimes it's just changing things to be easier for me to work with.
Restart Aug 14, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Its an edited version from the plugin Qplus.js, made by Quxios;
Quxios Aug 8, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Remove Name Comment
Removes the character string for skill name or state name
Sabakan Jul 31, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Simple Name Generator
This script pulls in random names from one or more text files to be used however you want it in your game.
Florodude Jul 30, 2019 Misc.
Duel Battles (Suikoden-like)
It allows you to create Duel Battles for any actor regardless of the player's current party.
TWings Jul 28, 2019 Battle
Aspect Ratio
Enforces the aspect ratio of the game window.
VardogrWorks Jul 22, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Touch Target Select (touch compatibility)
Select characters by touch in battle target selection.
Mokusei Penguin Jul 18, 2019 Controls
MKR_LevelUpMessageEx (Status in Level Up Message)
Status will be displayed in a message window when level up.
Mankind Jul 17, 2019 Battle
allows an actor to cast more than one skill in the same turn like in the Final Fantasy series.
dingk Jul 05, 2019 Battle
Trade Shop
It's an alternative kind of shops (doesn't replace the standard shops) that works like financial markets.
TWings Jun 29, 2019 Menu/ System
SRPG Engine
Will change the RPG Maker MV engine that you have as an editor for Turn Based Strategy genre games like Fire Emblems or Shining Force.
Gakuto Mikagami Jun 25, 2019 Menu/ System
Side-view Actor for Menu
Displays the side-view actors in the menu without faces
Douraku Jun 24, 2019 Menu/ System
Triple Triad Card Game
It puts the card game in your project as a side mini-game, really addictive
Raizen Jun 24, 2019 Menu/ System
Weapons upgrade / Forge / Blacksmith
It's a feature designed to upgrade equiped weapons instead of simply buying new ones.
TWings Jun 23, 2019 Menu/ System
Equip Slot LR
On equipment slot window, you can change actor with LR function.
Sabakan Jun 22, 2019 Controls
Map Icon Draw
Places an icon on the map as an event
mo-to Jun 22, 2019 Event
Item Destruction Rate, Scrolling Text Pause
Set consumption rate of consumable item. | Pause scrolling text while holding the specified button.
mo-to Jun 18, 2019 Misc.
Load audio faster and use only ogg files.
krmbn0576 Jun 17, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Conditional Branch in Partymember
Conditional branch to check something in your party
mo-to Jun 15, 2019 Event
Characters List / Tablet of Stars
A feature designed for games with big rosters and hidden characters.
TWings Jun 14, 2019 Menu/ System
Same Equip Type
If equip slot name is the same, it can have an item of the same type
Rutan Jun 10, 2019 Menu/ System
"Last Get" Text, "Loss Get" Text
When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message.
Rutan Jun 09, 2019 Text Message
HPDS Throwable
Allows you to pickup and throw events using note tags.
Michael Hernandez Jun 02, 2019 Event
pagpatay.an: r.i.p. events
for use with methods that generate new events through code during gameplay, and other neat applications.
dismal_science__ May 29, 2019 Event
AES_* - Plugin collection
Aesica Plugin Collection
Aesica May 27, 2019 Misc.
Screenshake, because why not?
TheoAllen May 26, 2019 Event
Bug Fix: Event Jitter / Display Rounding Error
Fixes Event Jitter / Display Rounding Error.
Liquidize Apr 09, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Horizontal Choice List
Changes the way the choice list is presented ingame.
Shikuo May 26, 2019 Text Message
Automatic use of items or skills
Automatic use items or skills when damaged by enemy. (like 'Auto Potion' and 'Auto Phoenix')
Rutan May 19, 2019 Battle
Balloon message in side-view battle
Adds balloon message in a battle (side-view).
Rutan May 19, 2019 Battle
Simple Item Screen
Simplifies item screen and the shop sell screen.
Mokusei Penguin May 17, 2019 Menu/ System
Quick Start Up [Preload images in System folder]
Preload images in System folder when you start the game
Mokusei Penguin May 16, 2019 Misc.
MKR_ShopItemMessage (NPC Dialogue Shop addon)
Shop Item Message/ Item commentary for NPC shopkeeper
(edited by mjshi)
May 10, 2019 Menu/ System
Autostart one Parallel Common Event
Process one common event anytime
Murakui May 06, 2019 Event
Wait Extended - Use minutes, seconds, variables
Allows you to call Wait events using minutes, seconds, variables, and more.
Galenmereth May 04, 2019 Event
Move Picture - Extended
Allows you to use variables and relative values with all the properties of Move Picture events (not only X and Y) via an intuitive and simple Plugin Command structure.
Galenmereth Apr 30, 2019 Event
Animation Curves
Allows you to set animation curves (so-called easing functions) to be used with Move Picture and Tint Picture events.
Galenmereth Apr 26, 2019 Event
Skill Core
Allows to give skill costs, conditions and skill variations.
ICF-Soft​ Apr 26, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Mario Super Star (On-Map) Effect
Useful for single-actor games that employ an ABS rather than the default RMMV turn-based procedure.
dismal_science__ Apr 23, 2019 Event
Adds functionality to change the sound effect played when using an Item or Skill.
Volpi || Levolpehh​ Apr 17, 2019 Menu/ System
zHUD - A Zelda-esque HP HUD
Very rudimentary HP Head-Up Display, reminiscent to the style used in the Zelda series.
dismal_science__ and Caethyril Apr 16, 2019 Menu/ System
Scale Image Automatically
To scale an image to the size of game screen with/without keeping the ratio.
Super-User Apr 11, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Icon Captions
Create icon captions
Astfgl Apr 10, 2019 Menu/ System
Barter System
Adds a new barter stat to your actors, classes, equipment and party that can be used to change the prices of items at shops.
Silva Apr 09, 2019 Menu/ System
Scaling Battle Rewards
You'll be able to define the level of your games enemies, and with that, you'll be able to scale the​ amount of exp, and gold the player gets from them!
Chaucer Apr 06, 2019 Battle
Create Achievements for your game.
waynee95 Mar 31, 2019 Menu/ System
Equip one actor (item) to another.
myenemy​ Mar 24, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Restart Common Event
Restart parallel common event from the beginning
kido0617 Mar 23, 2019 Event
Simple Character Popups
Gives the user to create popup messages above a characters head in maps.
Chaucer Mar 20, 2019 Text Message
Caethyril's Plugins
Variety of plugins for RPG Maker MV
caethyril Mar 01, 2019 Misc.
Multiple Step counters
Provides 10 extra step counters in addition to the game data step counter.
Tea's Jams​ Mar 01, 2019 Event
Transparent Filter
Allow you to set up the desired transparent color like as RPG Maker VX Ace and 2K.
Biud436 Feb 27, 2019 Misc.
Operating self switches the FailSauce way
Mrs_Allykat Feb 27, 2019 Event
Hook system for Blacksmith plugins
Saelorable Feb 26, 2019 Misc.
Allows management of plugin dependencies
Saelorable Feb 22, 2019 Misc.
Actor Reference
Allows you to use an Actor as a Reference to any other Actor using a Variable.
Rehtinor Feb 21, 2019 Event
Improved Mouse Input
Makes the mouse highlight menu elements on mouse over.
Rehtinor Feb 19, 2019 Controls
Erosion System
Lose of Max HP during battles from damage (Erosion Damage)
Magnus0808 Feb 15, 2019 Menu/ System
Character Anchors
Allows you to adjust the position of a character's sprite by changing the X and/or Y anchors.
Shaz Feb 13, 2019 Event
Allows developers to render a players save file unloadable once they reach a Game Over in their game.
Maliki79 Feb 12, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
A level 3 mage's plugins
All skills are treated as basic attacks by the game
alevel3mage Feb 04, 2019 Misc.
Enables autosaving in your game.
Felski Jan 28, 2019 Controls
Automatically skips game messages after certain time based on characters, spaces or just flat time you set.
Poryg​ Jan 26, 2019 Text Message
Radar Search
Allow the user to search an area for specific values, i.e. events IDs, tile IDs, region IDs and terrain tags.
RainbowGrenade​ Jan 25, 2019 Menu/ System
Equip Optimize By Price
Optimize equipment by price with a note tag
Sigureya Jan 23, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Skill Effect Share (on Ally to User)
When using a skill on an ally, the skill effect is also applied to the user.
Sigureya Jan 23, 2019 Battle
Accurate Playtime
Counts total playtime accurately regardless of framerate
ChampX Jan 22, 2019 Tweaks/ Fix
Tiled Plugin
Tiled is a general map editor made by Thorbjørn Lindeijer.
Dr.Yami and Archeia Jan 21, 2019 Misc.
Suikoden Like Weapon Upgrade
For upgrading actor's weapon, just like Blacksmith shop in Suikoden.
DrDhoom Jan 18, 2019 Menu/ System
Roguelike Message (Ticker Text)
A simple message plugin with fading effect
kido0617 Jan 17, 2019 Text Message
Debug Window Shortcut
Adds a shortcut key to the debug window
kido0617 Jan 16, 2019 Controls
Parallax Utils
Create multipurpose parallaxes to beautify your maps.
DrDhoom Jan 01, 2019 Misc.
Message Sound Effects
Enable sound effects for Message window with added delay between characters.
DrDhoom Dec 31, 2018 Text Message
Sound Manager Module
Allows you to modify the game's sound effects (talking about the one you set in the database, like the cursor, the confirmation SE, cancel SE, etc.) in the middle of the game via a simple plugin command.
MushroomCake28 Dec 24, 2018 Misc.
HP and MP Value Resize
Resizes the HP and MP numeric values in menus and battles apart from the default.
Kissá​ Dec 23, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Line of Sight
Adds some handy functions for checking simple line-of-sight. Offers passability-, event-, and region-based occlusion metrics.
caethyril​ Dec 23, 2018 Misc.
Can move tile front and back like fence.
Tonbi@Tobishima-Factory​ Dec 19, 2018 Misc.
Show different pictures depending on a variable
OGK Dec 18, 2018 Event
Extended text manager
Allows you to customize the terms midgame or create completely new custom terms
Poryg​ Dec 17, 2018 Menu/ System
SRD stat distribution compatibility
Allows you to increase params created with ICFSoft's Params Core througth srd stat distribution plugin.
ICF-Soft Dec 14, 2018 Misc.
Yanfly show params compatibility
Allows you to show parameters created with ICFSoft Params Core in some Yanfly plugins.
ICF-Soft Dec 14, 2018 Misc.
Rotate Camera in 3d Tilemap or just isometric for example
Jogo78 Dec 13, 2018 Misc.
Limited Inventory
Allows you to limit your inventory by overall possessed items instead of an individual item.
TheoAllen Dec 12, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Book Menu
To provide just that for your game: a book menu where the player can read up additional lore when he feels up to it.
taaspider Dec 08, 2018 Menu/ System
UseOnlyOneSave (1 save file)
Doesn't go through each screen when loading or saving, only uses 1 file.
Triacontane Dec 06, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Skip party command in battle
Tsumio Dec 02, 2018 Battle
PlayerShiftTurn (Turnaround)
Player can turnaround
Triacontane Nov 29, 2018 Controls
Item Level
Shows in your game the Item Level parameter, like the most famous MMORPGs:
IsoBlyte Nov 26, 2018 Menu/ System
Mini Map
Displays the mini map
UHPD Games Nov 20, 2018 Menu/ System
Call menu during messages
Call menu during messages\choices on map by pressing one of the standard menu keys ESC, X, Insert, NUM
Krimer Nov 10, 2018 Text Message
Custom Menu Background with Scrolling
Overrides the main menu background snapshot with an image.
cetra777 Oct 27, 2018 Menu/ System
Sliding Menu Animation (Tween)
Sliding animation for opening the menu screen.
Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Oct 20, 2018 Menu/ System
NPC Dialogue Shop
A dialogue-focused custom shop scene for a more interactive experience.
mjshi Oct 15, 2018 Menu/ System
Show Plugins Usage
Plugin for showing plugins usage in console
kido0617 Oct 15, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Spawn new events from a dummy map, enhance their pages with the extraEventPages plugin.
Poryg​ Oct 13, 2018 Event
Take event pages from a dummy event on a dummy map and paste them on any other events.
Poryg Oct 13, 2018 Event
Jonte Lock Equip
Allows you to lock all equipment slots for individual or all party members with a plugin command.
lordosthyvel (Jonatan Hjelte) Oct 12, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Data Rename
Lets you keep one name in the Database Editor and place another in the Note tag field.
ZephyrAM​ Oct 08, 2018 Misc.
Time Stop In Menu
Stops playing time in menu, except for map and battle screen.
Triacontane Sep 28, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Allows you to create multiple skill trees for actors and classes.
Felski Sep 26, 2018 Menu/ System
Skill Trees System
Allows you to create skill trees like in Diablo.
SomeFire Sep 25, 2018 Menu/ System
New Game Sound Effect
Plays a certain sound effect when New Game is selected.
Triacontane Sep 13, 2018 Menu/ System
FPS Meter
Shows the extended FPS meter.
DK Sep 11, 2018 Misc.
Allows the game player to jump when pressing the "ok" button.
Michael Hernandez Sep 09, 2018 Controls
Pretty Plugin Params
Converts plugin parameters into an easy to use JSON object.
Frogboy Sep 04, 2018 Misc.
Automatically resize in HTML5
General parameters of the size of the game window will take the values of the element in which the game window is inscribed!
Esh Sep 01, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Shield and Break system
Creates a shield counter for enemies or actors.
Astfgl Aug 28, 2018 Battle
Designed to replicate octapath traveler's battle system
Jiffy Aug 27, 2018 Battle
Character TP
Allows developers to easily change the default Max TP of Actors and Enemies.
Maliki79 Aug 26, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Allows you to create much more customized skill formulas with little to no JS knowledge.
Jiffy Aug 25, 2018 Battle
Introduces a new Sketchpad scene.
Navash Aug 25, 2018 Menu/ System
Battle background filters
You can add some crazy effects to the background, even create earthbound-like effects in the battle background, with the help of at least 8 different types of filters that can be added to both backgrounds of the battle scene.
Desolaser​ Aug 24, 2018 Battle
Frog Magic
Super-charge your class mechanics
Frogboy​ Aug 23, 2018 Menu/ System
Adds the move staling mechanic into your game
Jiffy Aug 20, 2018 Battle
Batch Text (Sequenced Dialogue)
Allows your game to read dialogue from an external text file, as opposed to the traditional method of needing to create new show text windows over and over again.
JGreene Aug 19, 2018 Misc.
Console Scene
Creates a console scene, where you can write some code and something happens depending on what you wrote.
Desolaser​ Aug 18, 2018 Menu/ System
Integrated Equip Menu
You can actually equip things through the Weapons/Armors tabs in the item menu!
mjshi Aug 16, 2018 Menu/ System
CGMV Vehicle System
Adds numerous features for vehicles.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Aug 11, 2018 Event
CGMV Region Switch
When a player is in a specified region, a corresponding switch is turned on.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Aug 11, 2018 Misc.
qPicture Plus
Adds additional features to Pictures
Quasi Jul 31, 2018 Event
Shop Reduction
Allows you to change the prices of shops during the game, globally or just for a specific shop, which can be useful for friendships and such things.
FeelZoR​ Jul 29, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Changes the way, user-specified prices in the shop windows work.
Patrick Tietz Jul 26, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
LGP - Easy Bridge
Creates dynamic and intractable bridges on the map.
Azel Jul 22, 2018 Event
Creates a lockpick scene by plugincommand.
Pixeldrama Jul 17, 2018 Menu/ System
Particle Emitter
Provide a simple interface to make particle systems.
Tsukimi​ Jul 15, 2018 Misc.
Battle Layout Classic
Battle layout resembles to RPG Maker 2003
Triacontane Jul 15, 2018 Battle
Anti-blink Cursor
Stops window cursor from blinking/ animating.
Triacontane Jul 15, 2018 Menu/ System
LGP - Face Sprite
Allows you to set a face image in the message box.
Azel Jul 15, 2018 Text Message
LGP - Better Damage Popup
Changes the damage popup system of RPG Maker MV.
Azel Jul 14, 2018 Battle
Hirion - Stamina System
Will add a stamina parameter to the player which are used to control the ability to dash around the map.
Nicke Jul 13, 2018 Menu/ System
Allows for YEP_MessageCore-style line breaks in the form of
in your labels.
Patrick Tietz Jul 11, 2018 Event
Wait For Fade
Movement is restricted during fade-in / fade-out of transfer destination.
Triacontane Jul 05, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
"Mirror Portraits" in Coversation
Modifies default conversation block, prividing ablity to move faces on right side of screen and mirrord.
WickedWolfy Jul 01, 2018 Text Message
Conditional "Show Choices"
Allows developers to set conditions directly in the "Show Choices" event command.
Aloe Guvner Jun 27, 2018 Text Message
KageDesu Active-Time Battle System
Turn-based battle system where each battler has his own waiting time for the battle action (wait timer).
Pheonix KageDesu Jun 24, 2018 Battle
CGMV Title System
Modifies the title scene to include maps or images as the background.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Jun 19, 2018 Menu/ System
Smooth Battle Log
Battle logs with scroll display and faster battle progress.
Mokusei Penguin Jun 17, 2018 Battle
Overlapped Window Fix
When windows overlapped, you can fix the space between them.
Mokusei Penguin Jun 15, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Synchronize Variables
Synchronize Variables and Items/Equipment
Aloe Guvner Jun 15, 2018 Misc.
Text Window Manager
Able to display multiple text windows at the same time.
kido0617 Jun 13, 2018 Text Message
Cover Tiles
Allows setting specific tiles as "covers" where the tile is passable and also drawn above the character.
CityShrimp Jun 12, 2018 Misc.
Enemy Default State
Set default state for enemies
kido0617 Jun 05, 2018 Battle
CGMV Professions
Allows you to implement a profession or skill system in your game.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) May 30, 2018 Menu/ System
Animation Scale
Change the size of animations that are inside img/animations folder.
Mokusei Penguin May 27, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Balloon Upgrade Plus
Use custom Balloon animation files and its different animation indexes
Rafael_Sol_Maker May 25, 2018 Event
Allows you to swap party members who have been ko'ed in battle with ones from the reserve during battle.
Ruiran (Ludo) May 24, 2018 Battle
Change Max TP value
Changes actor's max TP value from constant value 100 to something more
Landazar May 20, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Screen Resolution Menu Option
Adds the screen resolution option.
MushroomCake28 May 16, 2018 Menu/ System
CGMV Location Conditions
Allows you to set conditions for using items/skills based on what map the player is currently on.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) May 16, 2018 Event
Localization of game
DK May 13, 2018 Menu/ System
YEP (Yanfly) Extensions
This thread will pull these together and release them for general use.
Aloe Guvner May 11, 2018 Misc.
Menu Screen Layout Resize
For resizing menu screen layout
Douraku May 09, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Battler Select Cursor
Display cursor for selecting battler during battle.
Douraku Apr 30, 2018 Battle
Battle Start Message
Allows you to change enemy encounter message at the start of battle.
Douraku Apr 30, 2018 Battle
Fade-in Title Screen
Title screen with a fade-in effect.
Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Apr 25, 2018 Menu/ System
Change Max Level
Allows you to change maximum level.
Alec Apr 25, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Makes the shield more useful
Lvkeai Apr 19, 2018 Battle
A skill that doesn't use up a turn and quickly attacks enemy.
Rutan Apr 18, 2018 Battle
Virtual Buttons and DPad
Creates buttons on the screen for touch input
Aloe Guvner Apr 18, 2018 Controls
Dynamic Encounter Effect
Alters an appearance of battle start with dynamic effects.
Mokusei Penguin Apr 17, 2018 Battle
Ultra Mode 7
Renders the tilemap in 3D. Supports various parameters such as yaw rotation, pitch, field of view, etc.
Blizzard​ Apr 15, 2018 Misc.
Custom Loading Save
Teleport on a particular map before teleporting to the saved map.
Rito Apr 12, 2018 Event
CGMV Encyclopedia
Creates an encyclopedia system.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Apr 10, 2018 Menu/ System
Advance Achievement System
Plugin runs the MushroomCake28 Achievement System
MushroomCake28 Apr 04, 2018 Menu/ System
pictures plugins lots
Very Old plugins
Lecode Mar 31, 2018 Misc.
Gives user huge power over both their save menu content and their save menu appearance.
Poryg​ Mar 28, 2018 Menu/ System
Seeded random numbers generator
Generate random numbers after initializing a generator with a seed.
SrOscuro Mar 24, 2018 Event
Enemy will appear after the battle begins.
Mokusei Penguin Mar 23, 2018 Battle
Allows you to add a Sound Effect/ Music Effect when equipping items.
Trb Mar 22, 2018 Misc.
Hide mouse cursor when idle
Automatically hides mouse if it hasn't been moved for a while.
Nolonar Mar 18, 2018 Controls
CGMV GameOver
Allows you to change gameover music/image based on a variable.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Mar 17, 2018 Menu/ System
Frog Health
Extended Health system for more fine-grained detail.
Frogboy Mar 14, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Item Rarity
Adds properties to items of a certain rarity.
Yuuta Kirishima Mar 13, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
No Mouse Dashing
Makes the character walk at a normal speed when you're using the mouse for player movement.
Shaz Mar 09, 2018 Controls
Change battle system into active time battle
Mokusei Penguin Mar 07, 2018 Battle
Talent Core
Talent system that closely resembles Skills in Dungeons & Dragons
Frogboy Mar 06, 2018 Menu/ System
Race Core
A Class template can be assigned to each race to customize your actors with stat adjustments, Traits and bonus Skills.
Frogboy Mar 06, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
CGMV Splash Screen
Creates a splash screen for your game. It can handle multiple splashes.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Mar 06, 2018 Misc.
Allows you to change the menu screen as if you are playing Pokemon X or Y from Nintendo.
AngelicYuuki Mar 02, 2018 Menu/ System
Inventory Limitations
You can use variables to limit and adjust the cap with usage of items.
DraconisKnight Mar 02, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Another-style choice list
Another style of choice list!
Tsukimi (cji3bp62000)​ Feb 26, 2018 Text Message
Pro Map Editor
A map editor allowing to add in real time sprites and rendered animation objects.
Jonforum Feb 25, 2018 Misc.
Turn your main menu layout into that of Tales of Graces F brought to you by Bandai Namco
AngelicYuuki Feb 22, 2018 Menu/ System
Save Count Tracker
Keeps track of the number of times the game has been saved in a variable.
cyanic​ Feb 22, 2018 Misc.
CGMV Game Info
Allows you to add information on the bottom of the title screen, such as copyright information, version info, or a website url.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Menu/ System
CGMV Menu Command Window
Allows you to add more commands and also limit how many commands are displayed before needing to scroll.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Menu/ System
CGMV Menu Map Name Window
Changes the default gold window to also optionally display playtime and the name of the map the player is currently on.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Menu/ System
CGMV Achievements
Creates an achievement system in your game. You can set points, difficulty, and lots of other information for achievements.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Menu/ System
CGMV Extra Stats
Allows you to track more stats than the base editor allows and store these stats in variables.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
CGMV Message System
Adds some of the more common features desired of a message system, such as name boxes and displaying the icons of items, weapons, and armor.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Text Message
CGMV Toast Manager
Creates pop-up windows ("toasts") on the map scene.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Text Message
Used extensively by other CGMV plugins and is likely to be required.
Casper Gaming (Casper667) Feb 21, 2018 Misc.
Call Common Event By Name
Plugin command that calls Common Event by name.
Mokusei Penguin Feb 17, 2018 Event
StatePopup for battle
State icon will pop-up above the sprite when afflicted by status in battle.
Mokusei Penguin Feb 15, 2018 Battle
Player Notepad
Creates a new scene where players may type notes using their keyboard with a fully functional text editor.
Aloe Guvner Feb 13, 2018 Menu/ System
You can change it to the Frame Rate you like for each animation.
Tsukimi (cji3bp62000)​ Feb 11, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Allows modifications to windows appearance according by property.
Mokusei Penguin Feb 11, 2018 Menu/ System
Non-View Battle Message
Controls which message that shouldn't display on battles.
Mokusei Penguin Feb 07, 2018 Battle
Item & Skill Sort Priority
Allows the developer to use a notetag in the database in order to define a custom order for the items/weapons/armors/skills to appear.
Aloe Guvner Feb 06, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Battle Voice Manager
Controls voice acting in battle
HeroicJay Feb 03, 2018 Battle
Tarot and fortunetelling
It displays cards on the screen in any specific spread (like the Celtic Cross), and also displays a random generated
Eldaym​ Feb 01, 2018 Menu/ System
Movement by input blocker
Plugin used to block all movement input via switch.
Poryg Jan 28, 2018 Controls
Save Screen Tint
Lets you save the current screen tint and restore it at a later time.
Shaz Jan 28, 2018 Event
Pretty Sleek Gauges
Even better when you can change what they look like and use them in battles!
mjshi Jan 28, 2018 Menu/ System
Tile Changer (Copy Tiles and Change Tiles)
Allows you to copy a block of tiles from another map to the current map, copy a block of tiles from one spot on the current map to another, or to change individual tiles to a specific tile Id.
Shaz Jan 26, 2018 Misc.
More Page Conditions
Allows you to add more page conditions via comments in the event commands list.
Shaz Jan 26, 2018 Event
Filter Controller
You can create and move these filters with only one plugin command.
Tsukimi (cji3bp62000)​ Jan 24, 2018 Misc.
Spriter Plugin
Allows user to utilize Spriter Pro save files and sprite parts for Skeletal Animations
KanaX Jan 24, 2018 Misc.
Gradient Wipe
Add the effect to characters/pictures/message window.
Tsukimi (cji3bp62000)​ Jan 22, 2018 Misc.
Console Trace - Create an Error Log
Writes all errors to a text file in a deployed game so that issues can be accurately reported.
Zalerinian​ Jan 22, 2018 Misc.
Progressive Prize Pick
A card picking minigame where you balance risk with reward.
mjshi Jan 20, 2018 Menu/ System
No Level Display
To remove reference from the user interface to level and experience.
MazeMaker Jan 19, 2018 Menu/ System
Powerful library for RPG Maker.
DK Jan 14, 2018 Misc.
Jump to Label
Provides a more flexible Jump to Label command, where the label can be the result of a formula.
Shaz Jan 14, 2018 Event
Toggle Event Page
Allows you to temporarily disable a page on an event on the current map, and to re-enable it again.
Shaz Jan 14, 2018 Event
Scene Stabalizer
Designed to make transitions between scenes smoother.
Chaucer Jan 14, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Big Events
Allows you to set an event's collision area to cover more than one tile.
Shaz Jan 13, 2018 Event
Clone Events
Allows you to copy events from a base map onto the current map.
Shaz Jan 13, 2018 Event
Level-based Traits
You can define level-based traits in an easy to understand way that closely resembles the editor itself.
Frogboy Jan 08, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Character Animations
Adds the ability to greatly extend the animation system for character sprites.
Altimit Community Contributors Jan 06, 2018 Tweaks/ Fix
Add Extra States
Allows developers to give enemy battlers unique state reactions.
Maliki79 Jan 06, 2018 Battle
Signature Skill
Adds a signature skill to the battle menu for an actor or class
Frogboy Dec 27, 2017 Battle
Flying Enemies & Ranged Skills
Allows enemies with a specific state to only be damaged by ranged skills
Dust Dec 25, 2017 Battle
ECC: Easy Console Coloratrix
Manager color syntax for debug easy fast consol.log coloration
Jonforum Dec 17, 2017 Misc.
Blue Magic
Enables a Blue Mage type ability where certain classes can learn skills from the monsters they fight.
Frogboy Dec 16, 2017 Battle
Events to function as "Ladders" and "Counters"
"Ladder" and "Counter" functionality for events
Aloe Guvner Dec 11, 2017 Event
Allows you to set up Player Touch activation that covers an area or line of tiles around it.
Frogboy Dec 11, 2017 Event
Option System Plus
reorganizes the option menu into 4 sections: cosmetics, graphics, audio, miscellaneous.
MushroomCake28​ Nov 27, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Item Limit
Set the gain limit for each item, weapon and armor.
DaedraKyne Nov 27, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Simple Standing Picture Plugin
For displaying a "Standing Picture" image of your player character on the side of the map screen.
DynamiteRed​ Nov 22, 2017 Misc.
Dynamic State Resistance
Allows Devs to allow battlers to build up "immunity" to states
Maliki79 Nov 21, 2017 Battle
Regenerative Armor
Allows armor to have the ability to passively heal a party member while walking.
Yuuta Kirishima Nov 19, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Localization and Event Scripting
Allows you to localize and script events in your game.
Kino Nov 13, 2017 Event
Battle Formations
Enables battle formations Breath of Fire series style!
Ninakoru Nov 11, 2017 Battle
Dependency Grapher Tool
This program generates a dependency graph of all the map transfers in your project.
cyanic Nov 10, 2017 Misc.
It's possible to skip texts by pressing a specific key.
T.Akatsuki Nov 04, 2017 Text Message
HighlightActiveWindow & Patch
Highlights the current active window.
Mokusei Penguin Nov 04, 2017 Menu/ System
Unlimited common event choices
Lets you show tons of choices that will, when chosen, run common events!
DaedraKyne Nov 03, 2017 Text Message
Lighting and Time Editor
Implements a Time System and a Lighting Editor (in game or with events).
FeelZoR Oct 30, 2017 Event
Shop Organization
You can define multiple Categories for your items to be sorted as you wish.
FeelZoR​ Oct 29, 2017 Menu/ System
You can create multiple timers.
FeelZoR Oct 29, 2017 Event
Equipment screen with "Remove" text display
Mokusei Penguin Oct 24, 2017 Menu/ System
Allows you to have variables and switches that are not tied to saving, but are global for all new games.
DK Oct 23, 2017 Misc.
Big Sprite Movement/Collision/Trigger Fix
You can make characters occupy more tiles.
Dahlys Oct 23, 2017 Event
PIXI Text Multi Motions Styles Core
Jonforum Oct 23, 2017 Misc.
Game Modes
Adds a choice of game mode when the player selects a new game
DK Oct 18, 2017 Menu/ System
Unit Filters
Lets you use plugin calls to use new unit filters in order to write much, much less codes to perform much, much more tasks
DoubleX Oct 18, 2017 Event
Auto Target Skills
Skip the selection window when the skill is for user or for all, configurable.
Ninakoru Oct 18, 2017 Battle
Pixel Movement
Replaces the default movement and collision system with vector-based movement and polygon-based collision.
Altimit Community Contributors Oct 09, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Set Flashing Animation | Mouse Press
Sets, changes or removes the flashing press indicator.
Lloyd (Red Iron Labs) Oct 07, 2017 Controls
Traffic Light Management
Traffic Management
Dahlys Oct 07, 2017 Event
Select Item Plus
Extra Stuff to Check After Selecting Item/Weapon/Armor
Dahlys​ Oct 02, 2017 Event
Item Price Control
Allows changing item prices mid-game via plugin command.
Feldherren​ Oct 02, 2017 Controls
Player VS Event position
Detects the player's location in parallel to the event's location, and checks the distance between the event and the player.
DaedraKyne Oct 01, 2017 Event
Universal Remote Control
Search Events, Retrieve Data, Remote Control Self Switches
Dahlys Sep 24, 2017 Event
Remote Event Counting and Control
Remote Event Count and Control by Name
Dahlys Sep 19, 2017 Event
Skill Hotkeys
Lets you bind hotkeys to skills for actors outside battles, and use them to select usable skills for actors inside battles
DoubleX Sep 09, 2017 Controls
Video Player
To have more control over videos such as looping, play multiple videos at once and play videos as the rest of the command events are initiating.
Dr. Yami Sep 08, 2017 Menu/ System
To Preload assets.
Dr. Yami and Archeia Sep 08, 2017 Misc.
Hirion - Fall
A falling system for the party leader on the map.
Nicke Sep 05, 2017 Menu/ System
Hirion - Swim
A swimming system for the party leader on the map.
Nicke Sep 05, 2017 Menu/ System
DMI's Fade Control
To help control fade times for map transfers and screen fades (Fade In/Fade Out)
Dizzy Media Inc. Sep 04, 2017 Controls
in-game time system
Tracks game frames like Seconds in a Epoch (UNIX) time format.
Sivli Embir​ Aug 29, 2017 Menu/ System
Implement the synopsis function.
Tsumio Aug 27, 2017 Menu/ System
PIXI SpriteSheetsAnimations TexturePacker CORE
Manager PIXI SpriteSheetAnimation && TexturePacker Pro in RMMV
Jonforum Aug 23, 2017 Misc.
Remove Battle Commands
Enables you to assign a switch to a battle command and remove the linked battle command from the battle command window if the switch is on.
Verdelite​ Aug 22, 2017 Battle
Variables Shortcuts
Shortcut for variables/switches/selfSwitches
Xavier "xvw" Van de Woestyne Aug 18, 2017 Event
Title Common Event
Adds a command to the main menu that calls an empty map of your choice and run a chosen common event id.
Jorel Mayer Aug 17, 2017 Event
Unlocked Camera
No longer will you have to border your map with empty tiles to keep the camera from stopping on map edges.
Rehtinor Aug 04, 2017 Misc.
Flat Value Gauge Sections
Allows for gauge sections to have flat values instead of dividing the gauge into a set number of parts.
Navash Jul 28, 2017 Menu/ System
Extra Status
Creates a highly customizable status screen that can be accessed from the main menu.
LadyBaskerville Jul 26, 2017 Menu/ System
VE - Cooperation Skills
Allows setup skills where the battlers join and execute the action together.
Victor Sant Jul 21, 2017 Battle
Mekakushi (Blind Gimmick)
Allows a blind-like state gimmick to take effect.
Trb Jul 15, 2017 Battle
MRP Lock Map Scroll
Lock the camera in place either at a specific x-y coordinate or only along one axis.
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong) Jul 12, 2017 Event
SimpleOverlay: multilayer system
Display image layers on screen.
Rui Jul 12, 2017 Menu/ System
MRP Easy Receive Item Events
No more copying-and-pasting events to give users gold and items.
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong) Jul 10, 2017 Event
Allows the addition of a video to the title screen above the background image.
Ryan Sivek (NanoWizard)​ Jul 10, 2017 Menu/ System
Orange Overlay + Animated Parallax Add-on
An updated version of Orange Overlay
Hudell and Chaucer Jul 07, 2017 Misc.
Adds difficulty through parameter manipulation.
Bloodmorphed Jul 05, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Here is an exceptional plugin for all developer who develops a project based on an picture and pixi sprite engine.
Jonforum Jul 03, 2017 Misc.
Miscellaneous Javascript Snippets
They are posted below as both .js files to download and place directly in your plugins folder and as spoilered code.
LadyBaskerville Jul 02, 2017 Misc.
VanishState (Translucent Effect)
You can create a state that makes a battler translucent during battle.
Mokusei Penguin Jun 29, 2017 Battle
Randomized Names
Will generate random names for characters in your game
yuyu! Jun 28, 2017 Misc.
Add a simple Card Collector Game to your Project
SkottyTV Jun 25, 2017 Menu/ System
Stat Polygon
A fancy radar chart for your stats!
mjshi Jun 23, 2017 Menu/ System
This will add a possibility to create Armor Sets.
SkottyTVott Jun 22, 2017 Menu/ System
Storage System
Create storage systems where the player can store his items.
waynee95​ Jun 21, 2017 Menu/ System
Cross Examination Overlay
Bringing Ace Attorney to MV since 2017.
mjshi Jun 16, 2017 Menu/ System
Chain Commands (quicktime event minigame)
Make the player scramble to press a bunch of keys before time runs out.
mjshi Jun 15, 2017 Menu/ System
Online System
Designed to make a stable and secure online connection from your game to a server of your choice.
Nelderson Jun 15, 2017 Misc.
Random Encounter Bar
Creates a small window with a gauge that fills up as the player gets closer to a random encounter.
Navash Jun 11, 2017 Menu/ System
Battleback Fix
Fixes battleback anchoring bugs caused by using YEP_GridFreeDoodads in RPG Maker MV v1.5.
JGreene Jun 09, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Animated busts
Made to handle animated busts, but can be generalized to make picture based animations.
Astfgl Jun 09, 2017 Event
More Hud Faces
Provides Plugin Commands and Script Calls to change the face graphics used in Moghunter's Battle HUD, Party HUD and/or Actor HUD mid-game.
LadyBaskerville​ Jun 03, 2017 Menu/ System
Version Display
Helps give your title screen a more professional look, and helps with debugging your title.
bluebooth Jun 02, 2017 Menu/ System
Action Sequence Nested IF
Allows you to nest IF statements in action sequences.
SergeofBIBEK​ Jun 01, 2017 Battle
Modifies the amount of damage done by damage floor tiles.
mindfriendly May 31, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Conditional Turn Battle
Changes the turn management of battles.
Victor Sant May 29, 2017 Battle
JIF Grid Inventory
Allows you to create an inventory system similar to Stardew Valley and Resident Evil.
Jiffy May 27, 2017 Menu/ System
Customize Actor Face Opacity
Allows you to configure the opacity with which actor faces in the status window provided by YEP_BattleStatusWindow are drawn.
Terumoc May 27, 2017 Battle
Action Sequence Loops
Allows you to loop within action sequences.
SergeofBIBEK​ May 25, 2017 Battle
Random Dungeon Generator
Will randomly generate a dungeon map and provide ways to control things like how many levels, bosses, treasure, and troops.
Stormbeard May 25, 2017 Misc.
waynee95's Plugin Collection​
If you need more info on the plugins, please check out the help manual of each plugin.
waynee95 May 24, 2017 Misc.
Simplified Equipment Screen
Mokusei Penguin May 21, 2017 Menu/ System
Hint/Tutorial System
Adds hints for a more dynamic tutorial in your game!
Khas May 21, 2017 Menu/ System
Actor AI
Actor with the autobattle flag will use a custom AI
Astfgl May 16, 2017 Battle
Fully recover party members after a battle victory.
kotonoha* May 15, 2017 Battle
Level Up Sound Effect
Plays a sound effect when level up
Yumineko May 15, 2017 Battle
Launch Scene Opening
Adds 2 scenes on launch and a opening.
MushroomCake28​ May 11, 2017 Menu/ System
Multi Level Map
Allows the visual stacking of several maps to simulate altitude.
Fhntop May 11, 2017 Misc.
A collection of server tools for RPGmaker MV to be put simply
Sarlecc May 11, 2017 Misc.
Game Difficulty
Adds support for multiple battle and puzzle difficulty levels!
bluebooth May 11, 2017 Menu/ System
Playtime Window
Allows you to have a playtime window in your menu
JGreene May 10, 2017 Menu/ System
Action Sequence Proxy
Allows you to set up common Action Squences to be called on later from within another action sequence.
SergeofBIBEK​ May 08, 2017 Battle
Item Collector Menu
Allows the player to keep track of every item, weapons and armors that they gained through the game.
MushroomCake28​ May 06, 2017 Menu/ System
TextColor (Hex Color Code)
Allows text color to be selected from Hex Color Code.
Trb May 01, 2017 Text Message
Wuxing Minigame
A kind of elemental rock-paper-scissors.
mjshi Apr 24, 2017 Menu/ System
Shg Recipe Book
Creates an scene for a cooking/crafting mini game, with it's own music and it's own images.
Shugo Apr 20, 2017 Menu/ System
Consistent Audio
Eliminates the need for checks on every map to confirm the right BGM/BGS/BGM is playing.
bluebooth Apr 17, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
When it plays the current battle BGM, if it's the same battle bgm as before, it will resume.
Triacontane Apr 16, 2017 Battle
Improves a character's movement behavior such as walk and jump.
krmbn0576 Apr 15, 2017 Controls
Dude, Where's My Autorun?
Gives you a list of all autorun events in the game with locations.
Trihan​ Apr 08, 2017 Event
Level UP Animation
It causes that when level up appears an animation in the hero, also the possibility to recover all the status of the party when giving Level UP.
TK Apr 03, 2017 Misc.
Sell Shop
It makes it possible to create a store that is only allowed to sell items
TK Apr 03, 2017 Menu/ System
EIS Plugins
Kino Plugin Compilation
Kino Apr 02, 2017 Misc.
When New Game is selected from the Title Screen it proceeds to the Map Scene without fading out the title music.
Yumineko Mar 27, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Actors Core
Gives level up actions and conditional subtraits to actors.
ICF-Soft​ Mar 24, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Prize Wheel
Opens a new scene where the player spins a wheel and presses a button to stop it from spinning.
Galv Mar 21, 2017 Menu/ System
Master Volume​
Allows devs to utilize a single slider for all 4 sound profiles.
Maliki79 Mar 20, 2017 Menu/ System
Term Window
Allows a popup help window to explain game "terms" (names, places, events, etc.) while and only while a message box (dialogue) is open.
bluebooth Mar 14, 2017 Menu/ System
Shop Tracking
Allows you to bind two variables to track the amount of gold players spend buying items in stores, and the amount of gold players earn selling items in stores.
bluebooth Mar 14, 2017 Misc.
[SSP] GoldSymbolExtension
Allows you to set your Gold Name/Symbol to the left of your currency or keep it on the right side of your currency.
Hiek​ Mar 12, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Yanfly Battle AI Core extension: Buffs
Allows buffs/debuffs/neutral condition checks for enemy AI.
Astfgl Mar 11, 2017 Battle
Screen Zoom
Allows zooming in on the active screen
Galv Mar 11, 2017 Event
Fit to Browser Window
Designed for browser deployed games, this automatically fits the game screen to the width and height of the client's browser window.
Amy Pond Feb 22, 2017 Controls
Params as Currency
Allows you to use the stats of the party or a particular Actor as currency when buying or selling an item.
Zarsla Feb 15, 2017 Misc.
Master More Debug Tool
Display a quantity of cool debugging information directly in the windows bar.
Jonforum Feb 13, 2017 Misc.
Extended Sprite
Extends the Sprite class for add a False Z value
Nio Kasgami Feb 11, 2017 Misc.
Number Input Extremum
Allows you to set a max and min for the number input command.
dragon3025 Feb 09, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
New Item Indication
Adds an image over weapon/item/armor icons that have been obtained for the first time in the game to indicate that it's a new item.
Galv Feb 09, 2017 Menu/ System
HP Color Controller
Allows the developer to change the color depending on the actor's remaining HP.
AceOfAces_Mod Feb 03, 2017 Menu/ System
Final Fantasy Retro Menu
Changes menu to look like its from retro Final Fantasy.
Ventiq Jan 29, 2017 Menu/ System
Save Testers
Allows testers saving/loading their own paces in different folders.
Dr.Yami and Archeia Jan 28, 2017 Misc.
Autopause at Punctuation
Automatically pauses your dialogue, briefly, at punctuation marks.
mjshi Jan 23, 2017 Text Message
[MSX] Alphabetical Sort
Allow the user to sort items in inventory and skill learned.
Melosx Jan 23, 2017 Menu/ System
Match Card Lottery
A scratch-card-lottery-type minigame for your projects.
mjshi Jan 22, 2017 Menu/ System
Summon Actor
Summoning creatures that replace the party in battle is a feature in many RPGs.
LadyBaskerville Jan 22, 2017 Battle
Advanced Graphics (Lighting and Fog​)
Lighting and fog are now separate plugins, and both of them require my new KhasGraphics plugin.
Khas Jan 21, 2017 Misc.
Superman Ability
Enables the player to takeoff and land like superman with the press of a button or script calls.
Galv Jan 21, 2017 Event
Dynamic Traits
Making traits a little more flexible.
Galv Jan 21, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Map Tint During Menus
Expands options for how the game screen will look when paused.
Nessuno Jan 18, 2017 Menu/ System
Animation Save Bug Fix
Fixes the bug that turns impossible to save the game while an event running in parallel mode is playing an animation on itself.
Fogomax Jan 15, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
GTP - Gamefall Team Plugins
Variety of Free Plugins
Gamefall Team Jan 15, 2017 Misc.
Smooth Gradient for Terrax Lighting
Smooths the lights in Terrax Lighting by slightly changing the way that gradients are drawn.
Nelson William Jan 14, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Equipment Variables
Lets you specify a variable, a value and an actor in the note box of any piece of equipment, and takes care of the rest.
LadyBaskerville​ Jan 11, 2017 Misc.
Class Name Change
Change the name of the class for an actor, allowing to use the same class for different actor but displaying a different name.
Ceschi Jan 08, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Troop emerges fix
Changes the message when a troop emerges from "Bat emerges!" (using enemy name) to "Cloud of Bats emerges!" (using troop name).
mykrme Jan 08, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Secret passage
Create secret passages simply and easily via map regions.
mykrme Jan 08, 2017 Misc.
Continuum Empower Plus
Allows you to create skills that may be 'empowered' using simple notetags.
continuumg Jan 06, 2017 Battle
Weapon Proficiency
Train your actors to be proficient in a variety of weapon types.
Galv Jan 05, 2017 Menu/ System
Enemies Core
Add different variations to enemies that can affect traits, hue, image, exp, gold, name, etc.
ICF-Soft Jan 04, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Encounter Effect Disabler
Removes the zoom & flash effect when you encounter an enemy (battle start) as well as the sv battlers entering from the right.
pEcOsGhOsT Jan 03, 2017 Tweaks/ Fix
Quxios Plugin Collection
Quasi Jan 02, 2017 Misc.
Resolution & Screen Size
Gives you the ability to define multiple resolutions, the resolutions will be available for the player to choose​ in the options menu.
Chaucer Jan 01, 2017 Controls
For letters, logs, plans etc.
Allows you to splash an image from an event.
Roxas Dec 31, 2016 Misc.
Status Menu
Status menu where you can organize actor params.
ICF-Soft Dec 31, 2016 Menu/ System
Character Creator
Adds an in-game character generator.
SumRndmDde Dec 30, 2016 Menu/ System
JS Items Max
Allows you to change the maximum amount of items, armors or weapons
Adiktuzmiko Dec 29, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Continuum Queue Battle System
Time-based battle system wherein battlers queue up to five actions.
continuumg Dec 29, 2016 Battle
Fit Picture To Screen
Will automatically resize a picture to any screen size
Pontifex Dec 27, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Confirm Reload
When the player presses F5, display a message that asks whether the game should be reloaded.
LadyBaskerville Dec 26, 2016 Menu/ System
Cross Reference Tool
Shows you where all your database items have been used throughout your project
Shaz Dec 22, 2016 Misc.
recover all on level up
By default, it will enable the recover all on level up.
DSR Dec 22, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
JK Preserve Map Event States
Keeps track of switch and/or variable IDs that you want to control to prevent the above behavior.
Pirobi Dec 22, 2016 Event
Choice Pictures
Pictures and choices mixed.
Galv Dec 20, 2016 Text Message
Pause the game/ Stop the game clock
Kino Dec 18, 2016 Controls
Continuum Snippets
Collection of simple plugins
continuumg Dec 17, 2016 Misc.
Screen Buttons
Screen buttons for clicking and touching.
Galv Dec 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Simple Crops + Galv's Tools
Two plugins in one because they were designed to work with each other but not required.
Galv Dec 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Tint Event
Allows you to add tint to events, players, and followers.
CityShrimp Dec 11, 2016 Event
Enables HRG/MRG/TRG to function while on the map.
J (Jragyn, J, Jeremy) Dec 07, 2016 Misc.
Game Time. Switches
Allows to control the switches depending on game time
DK Dec 04, 2016 Event
Draws Hearts on the screen based on your main actor's Hp using pictures.
SEK Dec 04, 2016 Menu/ System
Game Time
System of time, Day/Night
DK Dec 03, 2016 Menu/ System
Random Loot
Made to handle random loot and its display.
Astfgl Dec 03, 2016 Misc.
Pick up & Throw
Will let the player pick up and throw events.
Chaucer Dec 03, 2016 Event
Fog of War/Lighting System
Includes features such as hidden map, gradient vision, and dynamic adding/removing of light source to create many different types of fog of war.
CityShrimp Dec 01, 2016 Misc.
Create a TransferLine to teleport your actor to a relative location on another map or in the same map!
SEK Nov 29, 2016 Event
Tactical Battle System
Shaped to be more like Wakfu and Dofus battle system than any other one.
Lecode Nov 28, 2016 Battle
VE Throwable Objects with Yanfly Battle Engine Core Compatibility Patch
Use a skill notetag to selectively execute a modified version of the Throwable Objects code.
Victor Sant, Michael Caiola Nov 27, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Message Window Hide
Lets the player toggle whether or not the message window is shown, by pressing a key.
Jatopian​ Nov 23, 2016 Text Message
Ray, Beam and Lightning Effects
Adds beams (like chain lightning effects) to RMMV.
MikauSchekzen Nov 23, 2016 Battle
Quick Time Events
Aims to allow you to create QTE's on the map scene or on the battle scene.
Astfgl Nov 21, 2016 Event
Summon Actors
Allows you to create skills that summon new actors not in the party into combat.
Sekunri Nov 19, 2016 Battle
Weapon & Armor Check calls
Four Javscript calls to check for the existence of weapons and armor
Fugama Nov 12, 2016 Misc.
Quest Log
Another quest log plugin to give you guys more options
Galv Nov 11, 2016 Menu/ System
KODERA optimization
Exchanges various elements of core RPG Maker engine with faster counterparts.
Mariusz 'koder' Chwalba Nov 10, 2016 Misc.
Allows the developer to have a notification system in-game.
Kino Nov 06, 2016 Menu/ System
[STV] Plugins
Skotty TV Plugin Compilation
SkottyTV Nov 06, 2016 Misc.
Allows the user to make characters move directly to a specific location, be it event, player, or follower
Chaucer Nov 05, 2016 Event
Damage Face
Will change the Face Image from Actor 1 - 4 depending on the HP value of each actor.
SkottyTV Nov 05, 2016 Menu/ System
Fishing Mini Game
Adds a new fishing mini game to your project similar to that of Breath of Fire 2’s.
Galv Nov 03, 2016 Menu/ System
Random Encounter Conditions
Use comments in a troop page to assign that troop a condition for it to appear in random encounters.
Galv Nov 03, 2016 Event
Menu Actor Switch Buttons
Allows you to quickly change the actor in the status, skill and equip menus, using buttons that you can customize.
DreamX Nov 02, 2016 Menu/ System
This will add a class selector to your Project
SkottyTV Nov 01, 2016 Menu/ System
Enemy Troops Extension
Allows more conditions to battle events and to concatenate troops.
ICF-Soft Nov 01, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Post Battle Common Events
Runs common events after each battle, and making one for myself was faster than looking for one.
Arty Nov 01, 2016 Battle
Instant Text
Lets you offer the player the option to have message window text appear instantly, instead of one character at a time.
Jatopian​ Oct 27, 2016 Menu/ System
This will add a level selector to your Project
SkottyTV Oct 24, 2016 Menu/ System
Highest Actor Level
Stores the highest level of the current party in a variable via plugin command.
Arty Oct 23, 2016 Event
Flat stat bonus states
Allows you to use notetags to give flat stats bonuses using states (instead of percentage based).
Astfgl Oct 20, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Crit States
States and critical hits.
Galv Oct 17, 2016 Battle
Extra Agility Turn
Battlers with a high AGI parameter can get extra turns between normal battle turns.
Galv Oct 17, 2016 Battle
Pokemon More Moves
You will be able to determine the maximum number of skills yourself in the "Maximum" Parameter of this plugin.
LadyBaskerville Oct 13, 2016 Battle
[MSX] Inventory Categories
Allow you to add new categories in your inventory.
Melosx Oct 05, 2016 Menu/ System
Rem Dictionary
Takes advantage of the predefined dictionary tab in the plugin to create a scene that allows the developer to create a dictionary, or book of sorts, of important need to know terms in-game.
Kino Oct 04, 2016 Menu/ System
Partial Save
Save only part of the game data to a save file.
TheTitan99 Oct 03, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
YR Plugins
Waterguy Plugin Compilation
Waterguy Oct 02, 2016 Misc.
Rem System - Text Replacement
Allows you to import text from text files directly into message windows in your game!
Kino Sep 27, 2016 Text Message
Manual Level Up
Assign parameter points and manually level up party members.
Galv Sep 20, 2016 Menu/ System
Simple Skill Check
The Variable to Save the Stat Check to
Forteller/ Dark Confidant Sep 20, 2016 Misc.
Timed Bar Display
Bar uses the standard horizontal two-colour gradient, colours are customisable
S_Rank_Crazy Sep 17, 2016 Menu/ System
Status Bars
Lets you use bars to show battler statuses on their sprites
DoubleX Sep 17, 2016 Battle
Map Projectiles
Make puzzles, traps or whatever with projectiles.
Galv Sep 14, 2016 Event
Animated Battleback
Frame by frame battleback animation.
Galv Sep 14, 2016 Battle
Parallel Common Events in Battle
Loads the parallel-activated common events in the battle scene.
Barreytor Sep 13, 2016 Battle
Beast Book
Add a Beast Register to your Game
SkottyTV Sep 11, 2016 Menu/ System
Picture Animations
Pictures and animations get married.
Galv Sep 08, 2016 Event
Puzzle Functions
Adds some functions to use that may help with eventing puzzles and/or quests.
Galv Sep 08, 2016 Event
Event Detectors
Add functionality for events detecting the player
Galv Sep 08, 2016 Event
To show an animation anywhere on the screen without having to target a player sprite or event location.
Driftwood Gaming Sep 05, 2016 Event
Organize Options Menu
Organizes options menu into categories.
bluebooth Sep 05, 2016 Menu/ System
Main Utility
A lot of functionality making scripting easier.
ICF-Soft Sep 05, 2016 Misc.
BGM FadeIn
Facilitates access to the BGM Fade-in and BGS Fade-in native functions.
bluebooth Sep 05, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Screen Flash Option
Allows those with sensitive eyes the option of disabling screen flashes.
bluebooth Sep 05, 2016 Menu/ System
Allows particle generation within a map.
JavaHut Sep 05, 2016 Misc.
Timed Attack: Wheel
Sets up a ring of commands that must be completed as they cycle towards the top of the ring.
SumRndmDde Sep 04, 2016 Battle
Save Extension
Provides more advanced features to enhance the basic save and load functions in RMMV.
JavaHut Sep 01, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
AudioManager Extension
Provides more advanced sound functions to enhance the basic audio manager in RMMV.
JavaHut Aug 31, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Dynamic Settings Compatibility
Fixes DoubleX RMMV Dynamic Settings compatibility issues
DoubleX Aug 28, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Item Cooldown
Lets you set skills/items causing users to cooldown after using
DoubleX Aug 28, 2016 Battle
[GDT] Event Timers
Allows you to set timers for an event.
Gilles Aug 28, 2016 Event
Item Charge
Lets you set skills/items to need turns to charge before using
DoubleX Aug 28, 2016 Battle
Multiple Viewports
Provides the multiple viewports
Biud436 Aug 25, 2016 Misc.
Custom Vehicles
Adds land vehicles
DK Aug 23, 2016 Misc.
GDT Core Utility
Provides some useful Tag Parsing Features and a useful command for selfswitches.
Gilles Aug 21, 2016 Misc.
Timed Attack: Mash
Adds a new Timed Attack system that requires the Player to mash a button to get a gauge to a certain point.
SumRndmDde Aug 21, 2016 Battle
NoiseMater "Sazanami"
Detects the sound around a device.
saronpasu Aug 19, 2016 Misc.
Can Lose
Changes the default lose behavior from game over to just continuing.
Tairo Aug 19, 2016 Battle
Common Event Shop
This is a port of Yanfly's Common Event Shop from VX Ace to MV.
DreamX Aug 17, 2016 Event
Keyboard Input Dialog
Allows you to display text edit box on the screen.
Biud436 Aug 16, 2016 Controls
Conditional Map Encounters
You can set certain Conditions that, when true, will allow for new Troops to appear.
wrigty12 Aug 16, 2016 Battle
Dynamic Settings
Lets users change some system settings in game and save them
DoubleX Aug 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Roll Credits
Just a scene to give credit to those who helped make your project, but could be used for other things.
Galv Aug 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Event Start Types
Make an event do something different depending how it was activated.
Galv Aug 15, 2016 Event
Change Sound
Allows you to change mid-game the sound effects used in your game.
DreamX Aug 14, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Targeting Hotkeys
Lets you set some hotkeys selecting actor/enemy target by index
DoubleX Aug 14, 2016 Controls
PluginManager Extender
Extends the pluginManager with many useful built-in method.
Nio Kasgami Aug 12, 2016 Misc.
ZeSpatial: Ease of relative transfer!
For easy map transfer.
EmperorZelos Aug 12, 2016 Event
Time, clocks and dates.
To give a clock, timer, date and control things related to it.
EmperorZelos Aug 10, 2016 Misc.
Timed Attack: Clock
Another Timed Attack system that is based of off the ring or clock system from Shadow Hearts.
SumRndmDde Aug 07, 2016 Battle
Change Action Rating Variance
Change the default Action Rating variance for enemies to anywhere from 1 (meaning no randomness) to 9 (any move on any turn.)
TheTitan99 Aug 01, 2016 Battle
Critical BGM/BGS Changer
Allows users to set a BGM or BGS to play when either the player party or enemy troupe reaches a critical state defined by percentage of remaining HP.
Maliki79 Jul 29, 2016 Battle
AP - Blocking
Introduces what I call "Block Rate" and "Block Reduction".
Alistair Jul 29, 2016 Battle
Formula Shortcut
Adds a lot of usefull shortcuts to use in formulas.
ICF-Soft Jul 28, 2016 Misc.
Event Extension
Add more conditions to events giving more flexibility.
ICF-Soft Jul 27, 2016 Event
New Game Plus
To allow the player to start a new game that uses specified data (such as gold, items, variables, switches, actors, etc.) from a save file.
Galv Jul 23, 2016 Menu/ System
Stationary Turn
Changing player movement.
Galv Jul 23, 2016 Controls
Window Skin Option
The Player can select the Window Skin for their own within the Options Menu.
SumRndmDde Jul 23, 2016 Menu/ System
Window Frame Anti-Stretch
Window skins that have patterns can now be used correctly.
SumRndmDde Jul 21, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Timed Attack Core
Replicates that Undertale system and also allows the capability to add more forms of "Timed Attacks" in the future.
SumRndmDde Jul 21, 2016 Battle
Name Input
Allows input the name from the keyboard
DK Jul 19, 2016 Controls
YEP Battle Status Window Extension
Adds several parameters to customize the battle hud.
DreamX Jul 19, 2016 Battle
Random Enemy Traits
Speed up time making enemies and increase variation by randomizing the traits of enemies!
DreamX Jul 16, 2016 Battle
Elevation Fix
Allows you to specify events that can only be interacted with when you are at the same elevation on the map.
Shaz Jul 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Character Noisy Steps
Makes characters produce stepping sound effects when they move on the map terrain.
Akumu Games Jul 15, 2016 Misc.
Ossra's Plugins
Plugin Count: 13
Ossra Jul 14, 2016 Misc.
Params Core
Enables you to add full new custom parameters that can be used inside formulas or inside events.
ICF-Soft Jul 13, 2016 Misc.
Tiny But Useful Plug-Ins
RandomLoadingScreen, SetRegionId, Warehouse
Hikitsune-Red Jul 13, 2016 Misc.
AP - Ability Distribution
Will extend the stat distribution plugin with a toggle that allows you to switch between increasing your parameters and Abilities.
Alistair Jul 12, 2016 Menu/ System
Basic Plugins
These are basic plugins which do essential functions that some users may want in their games.
Helladen Jul 10, 2016 Misc.
Popularized ATB Hotkey
Lets users set some hotkeys to select various inputable actors
DoubleX Jul 10, 2016 Controls
Time Utility
Stores date and time in game variables for diverse pourposes.
ICF-Soft Jul 08, 2016 Event
event mover
Let events move when the player moves.
Frysning Jul 08, 2016 Event
Item Durability EX
Gives extra functionality to YanFly's ItemDurability Plugin allowing durability to affect item's stats and changing the default behavior of the plugin to delete items upon break.
Maliki79 Jul 07, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Attach Augments EX
Allows users of Yanfly's Attach Augments plugin to have preset Augments on items.
Maliki79 Jul 06, 2016 Menu/ System
YouTube Player
Allows you to start playback of the YouTube video.
Biud436 Jul 05, 2016 Misc.
More State SV Motions
Adds the ability to have different motions on SV Actors other than just Normal, Abnormal, Sleep, and Dead.
wrigty12 Jul 05, 2016 Battle
Allows for the marking of items as junk.
DreamX Jul 04, 2016 Menu/ System
DreamX Options
Ability to use switches or variables as options
DreamX Jul 03, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Active Time Battle
Changes the turn management of battles.
Victor Sant Jun 30, 2016 Battle
Adds permadeath to the game.
DreamX Jun 29, 2016 Battle
Random Map Events
Allows for randomly allocating events on the map manually via a plugin call or automatically when transferring.
DreamX Jun 27, 2016 Event
GDT Elements Leveling
Gives your characters the possibility to level up their elements by using skills of this element.
Gilles Jun 26, 2016 Menu/ System
AP - Stat Distribution
Your actors gain Points upon levelling up that can be spent to increase your heroes' params.
Alistair Jun 25, 2016 Menu/ System
TDW Poison Flash on Damage Fix
Creates a workaround to allow a "flash" upon taking regenerationHp damage on a map.
wrigty12 Jun 24, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Drag and Move Windows
To allow the player to move windows on the screen at his ease.
Lecode Jun 23, 2016 Menu/ System
Pushy Map Events
Makes marked events attempt to move characters whenever they bump into each other in the map.
Akumu Games Jun 22, 2016 Event
Map Start Common Event
To run a common event on a map just after the map is loaded.
Procrafynation Jun 22, 2016 Event
Adds the possibility to change an actor with a not fighting one, jumping your turn.
SEK Jun 19, 2016 Battle
Conditional Branch+
Some handy shorthands for your conditional branches.
mjshi Jun 18, 2016 Event
Side Effects Control
Allows the user to set advanced effects for battlers, states and equipments.
Lecode Jun 16, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Variable Buy and Sell Rates
Allows developers to set group item buy and sell costs.
Maliki79 Jun 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Gold rate / Drop rate
Introduces an actual Gold/Item rate that can be modified with Notetags placed in several noteboxes.
Alistair Jun 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom Title
Make your title screen more unique.
Galv Jun 14, 2016 Menu/ System
Not fighting members will be behind your fighting members!
SEK Jun 13, 2016 Battle
You can set a limit to the members in battle. When someone dies, the next avaliable one joins.
SEK Jun 13, 2016 Battle
VE - Tile Priority
Allows you to setup tiles that have the same priority as character.
Victor Sant Jun 13, 2016 Misc.
Actor Select Screen
A window that lists all of the Actors in the Player's party can be called and the Player can select an Actor to be stored in a variable and used as the developer pleases.
SumRndmDde Jun 13, 2016 Menu/ System
Add a shield when the heal recieve by the actor it's over is hp max.
Tetsuhiko Jun 12, 2016 Battle
Critical Popup
Will add a "Critical" popup above the damage popup.
Jory4001 Jun 08, 2016 Battle
Simple Item Tracking
Adds a small window above gold window (or in place of your choice) that shows tracked items and variables.
Mr. Trivel Jun 06, 2016 Menu/ System
Simple Replace Skill
When you learn a skill, it can remove unwanted skills.
Mr. Trivel Jun 06, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Quasi Item Scene
Gives the developer more control over how the item scene looks.
Quasi Jun 05, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Battle Motions
Allows you to create more elaborated animation sequence for the battle motions.
Victor Sant Jun 05, 2016 Battle
BM MV Shop
A redesigned shop screen to follow the format of my equip scene and to add features.
Jun 04, 2016 Jun 04, 2016 Menu/ System
Popularized ATB Order
Lets you set the battle to show all battlers' atb in 1 bar
DoubleX Jun 02, 2016 Battle
Make F11 toggle fullscreen
Binds fullscreen toggling to F11 in addition to the default F4
orlando Jun 01, 2016 Controls
Get a fast victory and gain different amounts of exp and gold!
SEK May 30, 2016 Battle
Divides your money in Gold, Silver and Copper.
SEK May 29, 2016 Menu/ System
State Resistance
Lets you set some states to have state removal/turn resistances
DoubleX May 28, 2016 Battle
Allows you to create an icon menu on the map scene, which you can access using touch input.
Kino May 24, 2016 Menu/ System
Quasi Quick Touch
Modifies the Selection Window so items get selected / are highlighted, when the mouse is over them.
Quasi May 24, 2016 Controls
Quest System
Simple UI to keep track of quests with some customization options
game_stailer94 May 22, 2016 Menu/ System
Talk To Follower
The player can talk to, specifically, the one follower right behind them.
mjshi May 22, 2016 Event
Rune Skills (Skill System)
Combine runes to form epic spells!
mjshi May 19, 2016 Battle
RandomTitle Music Snippet
Allows play random one from up to 10 title themes.
1224Deko May 17, 2016 Menu/ System
Error Stack on Screen
QoL improvement to show error stack on screen for easier bug reporting.
Mr. Trivel May 17, 2016 Misc.
Menu Music
Allows to change their music to something you'd like instead.
Mr. Trivel May 16, 2016 Menu/ System
Save Items
Requires the party to remove currently held items, so another party moves on with their story.
Mr. Trivel May 16, 2016 Event
Event Spawner
Spawn events from one map to the map the player is on.
Galv May 15, 2016 Event
VE - MP Levels
Adds a new variant for the MP mechanic, where MP is divided in levels.
Victor Sant May 14, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Encounter Rate Option Menu
Allows players the freedom to edit the random encounter rate via the Options Menu up to and including complete removal of random battles.
Maliki79 May 13, 2016 Menu/ System
Disable Player Movement By Input
Define switch IDs in the parameters to decide whether to allow the player to move and/or activate events with the action button.
DreamX May 13, 2016 Event
Actor Portraits in Battle
Shows Actor's portraits/battlers in battle.
Mr. Trivel May 12, 2016 Battle
Passive Skills
Allows skills to give passive bonuses to actors.
Mr. Trivel May 12, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Override Database Name
Display a different name in-game for an actor, class, item, weapon, armor, enemy or state than what it is in the database.
DreamX May 12, 2016 Misc.
Turn In Place
Allows the player to turn in place before moving.
mjshi May 11, 2016 Event
Timed Trial
Lets the player play for a limited amount of time, then closes the game.
Yuuta Kirishima May 10, 2016 Event
Timed Choice Selection
You can automatically force a selection, to create a mechanic where the player has a limited amount of time to make a decision.
Tsukihime May 10, 2016 Text Message
VE - Sprite In Windows
Allows you to display the sv battler or charset animated sprite on menu windows.
Victor Sant May 09, 2016 Menu/ System
No Item Categories
Removes item categories from item menu scene and from shop scene.
Mr. Trivel May 09, 2016 Menu/ System
Damage Efficiency
Allows battlers to deal more damage depending on their weapon, element, skill type or overall efficiency.
Mr. Trivel May 09, 2016 Battle
Stop BGM on Minimize
Mutes the BGM on window minimize and plays the music when window is reopened.
Yuuta Kirishima May 09, 2016 Controls
Detect the browser by calling the function.
Yuuta Kirishima May 08, 2016 Misc.
Rare Items
Adds rarity for items and skills
DK May 07, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Element Core
Uses a new formula to calc element damage and a new tactical formula.
ICF-Soft May 07, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Actor Equip Items
Players will have to plan what items they take into battle when their actors can only use items from their own pockets.
Galv May 06, 2016 Menu/ System
Required for the other plugins from author DK and to checking for update
DK May 05, 2016 Misc.
Battle AI Core Extension
Allows for custom target conditions when use eval.
DreamX May 05, 2016 Battle
13 Alt Menu Screens
Adds alternative menu screens to be used in your RPG Maker MV game.
SumRndmDde May 04, 2016 Menu/ System
NeMV - On Step Effect
Allows your actors' states to perform JavaScript evaluations as you walk on the map.
Nekoyoubi May 03, 2016 Misc.
Quest Log
Tracks quests, awards players for completing them.
Mr. Trivel May 03, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Battle Command Window
Allows you to customize the party command window and actor command window display.
Victor Sant May 03, 2016 Battle
NeMV - Battle Action Messages
Allows your skill and item messages to be customized in the moment by writing JavaScript eval() code in the item or skill’s notebox.
Nekoyoubi May 03, 2016 Battle
There is rendering problem on 2016/4/6 Windows Chrome. MV Core creates large canvas garbage. This patch fix it.
liply May 02, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
NeMV - State Resources
Grants the ability to quantify states and use them as resources via YEP - Skill Core-friendly notetags.
Nekoyoubi Apr 29, 2016 Misc.
HMS: Choice Display Mode
Allows you to display the choices in-line with your messages, with the option to switch between the default display method and the new display method.
Tsukihime Apr 28, 2016 Text Message
Animated Splash Screens
Create any number of images that display one after the other in order before the title screen appears.
Galv Apr 28, 2016 Menu/ System
Distance Conditional
Checks how close the event is to the player/ another event.
James Westbrook Apr 26, 2016 Event
GDT: Message Window - Item Information
Allows you to write Item Informations in the Message Window via \Item
Gilles Apr 24, 2016 Text Message
Zelda HUD
Creates a simply health hud inspired by the well known Zelda RPG created by Nintendo.
Dekita Apr 24, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Damage Popup
Improves the popup damage diplay.
Victor Sant Apr 24, 2016 Battle
Disable Items To Sell
Disables specific items or groups of items from being sold in shops.
Mr. Trivel Apr 21, 2016 Event
Allows you to have achievements inside an RPG maker MV game.
Sarlecc Apr 20, 2016 Menu/ System
Windowskin Change
Allows you to change your windowskins using simple script calls.
Tsukihime Apr 19, 2016 Menu/ System
DreamX's Victory Aftermath Extension
Perform actions like messages during Victory Aftermath
DreamX Apr 16, 2016 Battle
VE - Equip Set
Allows you to create equipments that gives extra effects when used together.
Victor Sant Apr 16, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Window Background Colors
You can quickly set up the colors for your windows.
Tsukihime Apr 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Debug Display
Shows you a whole ton of customization information pertaining to your game on-screen as text.
SumRndmDde Apr 13, 2016 Menu/ System
Variable Rates
Allows you to increase or decrease one or more Variables by a certain value every certain amount of frames.
SumRndmDde Apr 13, 2016 Event
VE - Arrow Cursor
Allows to display an image as the cursor fow selection windows.
DreamX Apr 12, 2016 Menu/ System
Picture Events During Message
This extension allows you to click on a picture common event while a message or choice window is active, perform the associated common event, and then return to the event that was being processed before you clicked the picture (if desired).
DreamX Apr 11, 2016 Text Message
NeMV - Class TP Rename
Allows you to rename and recolor HP/MP/TP displays in your game per class.
Nekoyoubi Apr 11, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Weapon Armor Sound Effects
With notetags, you can change the sound effects for an animation based on the weapon of the attacker and the armor of the target.
DreamX Apr 10, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Counts uses of skills and attacks and adds a bonus damage formula.
SEK Apr 10, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
SGS Stats
Allows you to define additional stats for your actors and enemies.
MagicMagor Apr 10, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Basic Event Shadows
Displays shadows under events and the player on the map.
Galv Apr 08, 2016 Event
VE - Battle Status Window
Allows you to customize the battle status window display.
Victor Sant Apr 06, 2016 Battle
Limited Inventory
Limits inventory space by item number or item weight.
Mr. Trivel Apr 05, 2016 Menu/ System
NeMV - Actor Equip Points
Allows you to build an equipment monitoring system, where when equipping and unequipping weapons and armor to your actors, you can track that equipment based on tags.
Nekoyoubi Apr 05, 2016 Menu/ System
Choice Help Window
With comments, you can specify the help, message text and face when you select a choice (before confirming).
DreamX Apr 04, 2016 Text Message
NeMV - Tagged Action Count
Allows the counting of certain actions to be tied to their tags, and optionally, for those tags to be bound to variables in your game.
Nekoyoubi Apr 03, 2016 Misc.
Your battles will work like Pokémon's battles
SEK Apr 03, 2016 Battle
Animated Menu Cursor
Use an animated image to display next to your menu commands.
Galv Apr 03, 2016 Menu/ System
Window Background Designer
Allows you to assign images to your windows and use them as the window backgrounds.
Tsukihime Apr 02, 2016 Menu/ System
Message Styles
Change the Show Text message box to look different with options for windowskin, font, font size, input indicator positioning and more.
Galv Apr 01, 2016 Text Message
Map Nodes Travel
Allows to travel to different maps through node selection.
Mr. Trivel Apr 01, 2016 Misc.
Skill Motion
Allows you to specify the single motion done by a skill.
DreamX Apr 01, 2016 Battle
Max Level Restrictions
Allows restricting and lifting actor, class and global max level.
Mr. Trivel Mar 31, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Reedo's Simple Plugins
Designed to add subtle functionality with a simplistic design which minimizes any negative impact with other plugins.
Reedo Mar 31, 2016 Misc.
Global Save Data
Allows player to set and change variables that affect all saves.
Mr. Trivel Mar 31, 2016 Event
Full Input
All keys of the keyboard and gamepad.
DK Mar 31, 2016 Controls
Scene Background
Allows to set specific backgrounds for specific scenes.
Mr. Trivel Mar 30, 2016 Menu/ System
Skip Title Screen
Allows you to skip the title screen and immediately start the game.
DK Mar 30, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Hide Item Quantities
Allows to hide specific items quantities.
Mr. Trivel Mar 29, 2016 Menu/ System
Map Selection
Allows to travel to different maps from a single scene.
Mr. Trivel Mar 29, 2016 Menu/ System
NeMV - Tags
Allows actors, enemies, classes, skills, states, items, weapons, armors, and events to be tagged and those tags to be easily retrieved via script.
Nekoyoubi Mar 29, 2016 Misc.
Party Manager
Allows player to change their party and see which members are available to change into.
Mr. Trivel Mar 29, 2016 Menu/ System
Allows players to craft items.
Mr. Trivel Mar 28, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Information Window
Allows you to display windows with text while on the map Scene.
Victor Sant Mar 27, 2016 Text Message
Ultimate Stat Distribution
Get stat points on level up, those points can be spent to increase stat value
Icaro10100 / FrozenPhoenix Mar 26, 2016 Menu/ System
Event Spawn Timers
Allows you to set a respawn time for events that can activate a self switch or switch once their timer has expired.
Galv Mar 25, 2016 Event
VE - Throwable Objects
Allows you to create skills and items with throwable animations.
Victor Sant Mar 25, 2016 Battle
Timed Message Popups
Display popup messages on the screen or over characters.
Galv Mar 24, 2016 Text Message
Multicolor HP MP TP Gauges
Increases colors used for HP MP TP gauge.
Mr. Trivel Mar 23, 2016 Menu/ Status
Menu Status State Descriptions
Adds a command to Yanfly's Status Menu Core that allows you to view the states an actor has and a description of the state.
DreamX Mar 23, 2016 Menu/ System
Simple Light
Allows you to enable the light effect like as lantern on the map.
Biud436 Mar 22, 2016 Event
Expression Spy
A dedicated window will open and keep you informed of what the monitored values are.
Drykul Mar 22, 2016 Controls
Cancel Sound Effect
Stop a specific sound effect without cancelling all sound effects.
Chaucer Mar 22, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Guest Followers
You can add actors to the party, or remove actors from the party at anytime.
Tsukihime Mar 22, 2016 Event
HP MP TP Colors & Names
Changes colors and names of HP, MP and TP. Purely graphical.
Mr. Trivel Mar 20, 2016 Menu/ System
Metronome Skill
It allows you to easily and effectively create a Metronome Skill.
SumRndmDde Mar 20, 2016 Battle
Fullscreen Toggle Option
Adds an option to your game's Option Screen that allows the user to toggle their game between Windowed mode and Fullscreen mode.
SumRndmDde Mar 20, 2016 Controls
VE - Dual Wield
Improves the Dual Wield trait.
Victor Sant Mar 20, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Cloud Based Asynchronous Multiplayer
Gives you the ability to create asynchronous multiplayer games with server based savegame storage.
Purzelkater Mar 20, 2016 Misc.
Party Switching Scene
Provides a scene where you can trade actors between two parties.
Tsukihime Mar 19, 2016 Menu/ System
Open Shops
Allows player to open a shop for a single item instead of going into whole shop scene with multiple items.
Mr. Trivel Mar 19, 2016 Event
Multiple HUD
Draws the HUD that displays the hp and mp and exp and level of each party members.
Biud436 Mar 18, 2016 Menu/ System
Wave Filter
Applies the wave effect to the sprite by using the Fragment Shader.
Biud436 Mar 17, 2016 Misc.
Menu Command Manager
You have full control over your menu commands!
Tsukihime Mar 17, 2016 Controls
VE - Death Counter
Allows you to setup actions that are used when the battler take a lethal attack, before it dies.
Victor Sant Mar 16, 2016 Battle
Unlock Shop Items
Unlock new items in shop by selling or plugin commands.
Mr. Trivel Mar 16, 2016 Menu/ System
Empty Menu
Removes actor data and moves command window.
Mr. Trivel Mar 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Restore HP/MP/TP
Allows actors, classes, weapons, armors or states to restore HP/MP/TP after winning a battle or leveling up.
Mr. Trivel Mar 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Simple Item Sell Price
Allows to simply define item's sell price in it's note field.
Mr. Trivel Mar 15, 2016 Misc.
Gain Stats on Level Up
Actors gain stats on level up depending on their class.
Mr. Trivel Mar 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Change Equipment on Level Up
Changes actor equipment on specific levels when leveling up.
Mr. Trivel Mar 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Simple Shadows
Adds a simple shadow casting feature to character sprites.
Quasi Mar 15, 2016 Misc.
Multi-Touch Core Support
Overrides TouchInput core scripts to provide true multi-touch
bluebooth Mar 15, 2016 Controls
Visual Novel Choices
Changes the default "Show Choices" menu to look like a visual novel choice selection.
Galv Mar 15, 2016 Text Message
Rhyme Map Smooth Scrolling
Improve the map scrolling by smoothing is movement.
Nio Kasgami, Rhyme, Quasi Mar 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Simple Save/Load Screen
Shows faces instead of character sprites and adds 4 lines of things.
Mr. Trivel Mar 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Simple Title Screen
Changes title screen by making commands images and adding Press Start before command window appears.
Mr. Trivel Mar 14, 2016 Menu/ System
Batch Collision Detection
Allow you to check if the player or events are colliding with eachother, technically this could be done with eventing.
chaucer Mar 13, 2016 Event
VE - Skill Ammunition
Allows you to setup items that are required to use actions.
Victor Sant Mar 13, 2016 Battle
VE - Replace Actions
Allows you to setup actions that replaces another actions used during battles.
Victor Sant Mar 13, 2016 Battle
VE - FollowUp Skills
Allows you to setup skills that are used right after using another skill in battle.
Victor Sant Mar 13, 2016 Battle
Instant Turn Battle
Battlers perform actions instantly in an order decided by their agility.
DreamX Mar 12, 2016 Battle
Color Shifting Enemies
Some enemies can color shift during the battles.
Mr. Trivel Mar 12, 2016 Battle
Book Menu
Changes command based menu into picture based menu.
Mr. Trivel Mar 11, 2016 Menu/ System
Todes Remote Self Switches
Allows the control and manipulation of event Self Switches from other events.
Todeswalzer Mar 11, 2016 Event
Screen Manager
Can scale the resolution of your game without having to have a preset resolution.
Helladen Mar 11, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Icon Menu
Changes command based menu into icon based menu.
Mr. Trivel Mar 11, 2016 Menu/ System
Variable Mix BGM Manager
Allows for variable mixes to be played.
HeroicJay Mar 10, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Critical Damage Multiplier
Changes how default critical damage calculation works in RPG Maker MV.
Mr. Trivel Mar 10, 2016 Battle
Different Skill Effects Depending on Target
Items and skills affect different targets differently.
Mr. Trivel Mar 09, 2016 Battle
Instant Text
Will cause all window messages to show text instantly, instead of letter by letter.
Chaucer Mar 08, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
VE - Loop Animation
Allows to display looping and cycling animations, the animation loops indefinitely, and if there’s more than one they cycles between them.
Victor Sant Mar 07, 2016 Misc.
Dash/Run Sprite
Change sprites when dashing.
DreamX Mar 06, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Auto Equip On Empty
You can specify which weapon or armor to automatically equip an actor when they unequip (not swap) a weapon or armor
DreamX Mar 05, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Event Radius Check
Allow you to have events detect one another.
Dolarmak Mar 04, 2016 Event
State Common Events
State add/remove common events via notetags.
Gilgamar Mar 03, 2016 Event
VE - State Replace
Allows you to create states that, when applied, have it’s effects replaced by other effects.
Victor Sant Mar 02, 2016 Battle
VE - Incapacitate States
Allows you to create states that makes the target to be considered to be affected by a ‘death state’, even if is is not actually dead.
Victor Sant Mar 02, 2016 Battle
Capture Enemies
Capture enemies, adding their actor version to the party.
DreamX Mar 01, 2016 Battle
Cloud Manager
You can store your savegames on and load it from your server.
Purzelkater Mar 01, 2016 Misc.
Map Cache Fix
Optimises the way spritesets are handled by Scene_Map by caching them.
brandos Feb 29, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Invader Mini Game
A top-down shooter mini game that can be played within your RPG Maker MV project.
Galv Feb 29, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Battler Graphic Setup
Allows you to setup battlers that have different models than the RPG Maker MV default.
Victor Sant Feb 29, 2016 Battle
Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes
With notetags, you can specify random traits for an equipment by using an affix and/or prefix item.
DreamX Feb 28, 2016 Misc.
Map Destination Image
Changes the white destination square when you click on the map.
Mr. Trivel Feb 28, 2016 Menu/ System
Skill Time Reaction
Gives user a moment to press confirm button.
Mr. Trivel Feb 26, 2016 Battle
Battle Action Exp
Changes the way exp is obtained.
Tsukihime Feb 26, 2016 Battle
Eval Condition
Allow javascript as a condition.
izyees Feb 25, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Izys Shop Cart Core
Will add a cart to your shop.
izyees Feb 25, 2016 Misc.
Makes your game a 3D labyrinth explorer, it's quite easy to use once everything is set up.
Masked Feb 23, 2016 Menu/ System
Random Dialogue
Sometimes you just need NPCs to say random stuff.
bluebooth Feb 22, 2016 Text Message
Toggle Targets
Allows to setup certain action to have a option to toggle it’s targets.
Victor Sant Feb 22, 2016 Battle
Battle Action Info
An information box drops down whenever you are selecting a target for an action in battle.
Galv Feb 21, 2016 Battle
Yanfly Engine Plugins Addons
Addons for Yanfly Engine Plugins (YEP).
Corniflex Feb 20, 2016 Misc.
Shows popups on item/gold get. Or custom ones on demand.
Mr. Trivel Feb 20, 2016 Text Message
VE - Masters
Allows the actors to become disciple of NPCs called ‘master’.
Victor Sant Feb 19, 2016 Battle
Sideview Frames
With parameters and notetags, you can define for the frame count and frame speed for actors.
DreamX Feb 19, 2016 Battle
For survivor or horror games
alanzdr Feb 19, 2016 Menu/ System
Dark Room Covers
Allows to show and hide regions.
Mr. Trivel Feb 17, 2016 Misc.
Console Manager
Automatically shows the console for playtest and/or deployment
Silver Feb 17, 2016 Controls
Enemy Exp Change
Changes how enemies give EXP. Now it's based on actor and enemy level.
Mr. Trivel Feb 17, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Pickboard - Lotto Type Item Picking
Allows players to pick rewards from a board of tiles and costs some currency - be it gold or items.
Mr. Trivel Feb 17, 2016 Menu/ System
Smart Map Buttons
Creates a series of sprite buttons on screen that will respond to keyboard, mouse, and touch.
bluebooth Feb 16, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Battle Advantage
Gives control over the advantage rates and introduce new types of battle advantage besides the default surprise and pre-emptive.
Victor Sant Feb 16, 2016 Battle
JK Mail System
Adds a mailbox and messaging system to a project.
Pirobi and JK Software Feb 16, 2016 Menu/ System
Kill Counter
Allows you to track, in a variable, the number of enemies of a specific kind killed.
Shaz Feb 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Region Transfer
Transfers player when stepping on a region.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Misc.
Vehicle Music Fix
Changes how music and vehicles work.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Static EXP
Makes every level require same amount of EXP. Enemies give exp depending on actor level.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Display All Status Icons
Will automatically shrink the state icons when an actor has too many state icons to display at full size, so that the player can see far more icons for each actor.
Wavelength Feb 15, 2016 Menu/ System
Rare Enemies
Adds a chance of encountering rare versions of enemies.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Event
Percent Equipment Stats
Allows for items to have percentage stat increases.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Minimum Damage
Changes minimum damage from 0.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Battle
Max Hp = Hp state
Allows specific states to make actor's Max HP equal to HP.
Mr. Trivel Feb 15, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Emerge Animations
Makes enemies emerge with animation playing into battle.
Mr. Trivel Feb 14, 2016 Battle
Adds a minecart vehicle to the game.
Gilgamar Feb 14, 2016 Misc.
MOG BattleCry Actor to Actor Item Addon
Separate voicefiles depending on who item is being used on
(edited by mjshi)
Feb 14, 2016 Battle
Simple Swap Battle Actor
Allow the user to create a skill that can replace the caster with another actor who not in the party
Nechigawara Sanzenin Feb 13, 2016 Battle
Emoji Engine
Stop the timer when message a running.
Nio Kasgami Feb 13, 2016 Misc.
Common Event Logger
Simply logs all executing common events to console.
Mr. Trivel Feb 13, 2016 Event
VE - Materia System
Replicate the Materia system from the game Final Fantasy VII.
Victor Sant Feb 12, 2016 Menu/ System
Adds new achievements to the XDE_AchievementSys plugin.
xDGameStudios Feb 12, 2016 Misc.
Formula Effects
You can create custom effects that support formulas.
Tsukihime Feb 12, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Parse Note To JSON On Startup
Parses DBs that within their schema has the "note" key.
kabuto202 Feb 11, 2016 Misc.
Classic RM2K Teleport & Escape Dungeon item/skill
Allow the user to create classic RM2K Teleport and Escape Skill without using any game variables and common events.
Nechigawara Sanzenin Feb 10, 2016 Misc.
Effect Conditions
Allows you to define "effect conditions", which are conditions that are given to each and every effect on an item or skill.
Tsukihime Feb 08, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Weapon Damage
Allows you to define weapon damage formulas, which can be used in your skill formulas if necessary.
Tsukihime Feb 07, 2016 Battle
Non-Combat Menu
A sleek, minimalist menu for all your non-combat game needs!
mjshi Feb 06, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Custom Vehicles
Allows you to create vehicles beyond the 3 default vehicles available.
Victor Sant Feb 06, 2016 Misc.
Player Position History
Can 'save' and 'load' a position from $gameVariables specified in parameter settings
bluebooth Feb 04, 2016 Menu/ System
Save files saved to local data folders
To change where save files for a game are stored.
taarna23 Feb 04, 2016 Misc.
Allows you to add any number of additional fonts to the game, mapped by their file name.
Iavra Feb 03, 2016 Misc.
Party Manager
Provides functionality for working with additional parties.
Tsukihime Feb 02, 2016 Menu/ System
World Map
Allows for a customizable, fully featured World Map system.
bluebooth Feb 02, 2016 Menu/ System
FlipelyFlip Plugins
FlipelyFlip's plugin collection
FlipelyFlip Feb 02, 2016 Misc.
Traits Extension Bundle
Expands the traits option in your database by adding entirely new kinds of traits that you can use to increase the amount of customization in your project.
Moogle_X Feb 01, 2016 Misc.
RCWizard Steal Skill
Implements two new skill effects, 'steal one' and 'steal all' that can be added to skills by filling out the note section.
RCW Feb 01, 2016 Battle
For shop commands where "PurchaseOnly" is checked, go directly to the buy screen.
Pirobi and JK Software Jan 31, 2016 Event
Skill Gems (Materia)
Materia-system that supports color-coding.
SilverDash Jan 31, 2016 Menu/ System
MBS - Async Movies
Allows you to play movies as a asynchronous task, this way you can still control the game behavior via events.
Masked Jan 30, 2016 Misc.
VE - Critical Hit Effects
Gives you better control over critical rate and critical damage.
Victor Sant Jan 29, 2016 Battle
Invisible Events In Range
Allows events to appear or disappear depending how close the player is.
Mr. Trivel Jan 28, 2016 Event
Enables the execution of custom javascript code during the ITEM action performance.
xDGameStudios Jan 28, 2016 Event
Particle Engine
Extensible particle engine, that creates effects by applying behaviours to particle objects.
Iavra Jan 27, 2016 Misc.
Provides the feature to create large enemy parties for battles by a simple comment at the troops event page.
FlipelyFlip Jan 26, 2016 Battle
Parameter Tables
Provides you with a way to manage all of your parameters as external tables which you can edit using text editors like notepad, or more sophisticated spreadsheet software like Excel.
Tsukihime Jan 26, 2016 Misc.
Enables the creation of a achievement system that helps the developers to create more in-depth game mechanic.
xDGameStudios Jan 26, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Enemy Skills
Allows you to setup skill that can be learned from enemies.
Victor Sant Jan 24, 2016 Battle
8 Directions graphics
You can use 8 directions graphics
Orcomarcio Jan 24, 2016 Controls
VE - Tech Points
Allows to setup skills that have a limited number of uses.
Victor Sant Jan 23, 2016 Menu/ System
Common Event Buttons
You can assign common events to certain buttons on the keyboard.
Tsukihime Jan 22, 2016 Controls
Enables the execution of custom javascript code during the action performance.
xDGameStudios Jan 22, 2016 Battle
VE - Command Replace
Allows you to setup commands that are added, removed or replaced by another commands when certain conditions are met.
Victor Sant Jan 20, 2016 Event
No Item Categories
Removes the Categories list from the Items menu and shows all items in a single window.
Shaz Jan 20, 2016 Menu/ System
FFP Exclude Enemies
Provides the feature of adding enemies to a troop, which can't be battled but be used as graphical enhancements.
FlipelyFlip Jan 19, 2016 Battle
Death Sounds
Makes actors and enemies play a sound when they die.
Mr. Trivel Jan 19, 2016 Battle
VE - Charge Actions
Allows to create actions that have a delayed use.
Victor Sant Jan 17, 2016 Battle
VE - Cast Animations
Allows you to display animations on the user of each action before he executing them.
Victor Sant Jan 17, 2016 Battle
VE - Skip Battle Log
Allows to set some (or all) of the Battle Log Messages to be skipped.
Victor Sant Jan 17, 2016 Battle
TDW Equip Actor Restriction
Allows you to have Weapons/Armors only be equippable by certain Actors.
wrigty12​ Jan 17, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom Game Over
Change what happens when the party dies or an event calls Game Over processing.
McKathlin Jan 16, 2016 Event
VE - Unreachable Targets
Allows to creat a trait that makes battlers unable to be targeted by other battler’s actions and battlers that are able to reach them.
Victor Sant Jan 16, 2016 Battle
Simple Deactivate "Spacebar or Z speeds up events on map"
Deactivates fast forward on events on a map when Z key is held down.
Astra Cat Jan 16, 2016 Misc.
Battle Gold Reward Variance
You can assign a probability chance to a range of numbers when the game decides how much gold to give the player per enemy.
DreamX Jan 15, 2016 Battle
Actor Event Sprites
Adds options to have events look like actors with comment tags.
MikauSchekzen Jan 15, 2016 Event
VE - Event Conditions
Allows to set custom conditions for event pages, you can use any valid code as the condition for the page to start
Victor Sant Jan 15, 2016 Event
Will implement a coded encrypted language similar to the one found in FFX with Al Bhed.
xDGameStudios Jan 14, 2016 Text Message
Simple Cursor Script
Creates MouseX, MouseY, MouseXGrid, MouseYGrid and Custom Cursor.
Astra Cat Jan 14, 2016 Controls
Touch Surprise Battles
Events labeled with will use their direction and the player's direction to decide whether their battle processing command results in a preemptive, surprise, or normal battle.
DreamX Jan 12, 2016 Battle
Customize Stock Battlebacks
Change the stock battlebacks for different terrains without the need to mess with the script.
Rafael_Sol_Maker Jan 12, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Pre-Emptive Battle Events
Provides you with a way to guarantee a pre-emptive or surprise by setting some variables.
Tsukihime Jan 12, 2016 Battle
Placeholder States
Allows you to create states that can be used on the same battler multiple times, but potentially have different results.
Tsukihime Jan 12, 2016 Battle
Enemy Positions
Allows to change enemy positions through adding tags.
Mr. Trivel Jan 11, 2016 Battle
TDW X Random Enemies Scope
Allows you to have a random, dynamic number of random enemies affected.
wrigty12​ Jan 11, 2016 Battle
Limited Random Battles
With a variable you can put a limit on the number of random battles on a map.
DreamX Jan 11, 2016 Battle
Image as Map Name
To replace map name display with an image and animate it!
Procrafynation Jan 10, 2016 Menu/ System
Sprite Weapon Positions
You can set the X and Y at the plugin params of sprite weapon.
limonada Jan 09, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
VE - State Graphics
Allows to setup states that changes the battler graphic while they are affected.
Victor Sant Jan 09, 2016 Misc.
Adjustable Command Window and Text Colors
Allows you to customize certain aspects of the command window on your title screen/ Allows you to change some text colors.
ShawnBaxe Jan 09, 2016 Menu/ System
Simple Input Settings
Allows you to adjust the controls.
Astra Cat Jan 09, 2016 Controls
Follower and Battle Member Options
With notetags, you can choose which party members can appear as a follower or participate in battle.
DreamX Jan 08, 2016 Controls
VE - Mix Actions
Allows you to create a new command to combine items and skills to create new actions.
Victor Sant Jan 08, 2016 Menu/ System
VE - Notes Text File
Allows to use the content of text files to be used as notetags.
Victor Sant Jan 08, 2016 Misc.
Creates item types similar to the ones present in weapons and armor.
xDGameStudios Jan 07, 2016 Tweaks/ Fix
Follower Event Touch
You can have events triggered when they touch either the player or the player's followers.
Tsukihime Jan 05, 2016 Event
Soft Enemy Selector
Changes enemies before battle starts.
ICF-Soft Jan 05, 2016 Battle
VE - Element Set
Allows to set more than one element to a skill or item.
Victor Sant Jan 04, 2016 Misc.
Equipment Learning
Allows actors to learn new skills by equipping certain weapons and armors.
Moogle_X Jan 04, 2016 Menu/ System
You will be able to change the graphics of the first 4 groupmember.
Warliet Jan 03, 2016 Event
Dynamic Faces in Messages
We can write the characters name dynamically by writing \N[1]
Gilles Jan 03, 2016 Text Message
Input Name KeyBoard
Is to write the name by keyboard, it is not complete because it can only write lowercase letters, but I'm already working in uppercase.
Lima Jan 02, 2016 Controls
Battle Exp Distribution
Changes the way EXP is rewarded.
Tsukihime Jan 02, 2016 Battle
VE - Escape Codes
Adds new Escape Codes (such as \c[x], \n[x]…) to be used whitin the texts on some windows, such as message windows and description windows.
Victor Sant Jan 01, 2016 Text Message
VE - Trait Control
Allows you to use Plugin Commands to add or remove traits from actors or enemies.
Victor Sant Jan 01, 2016 Event
Event Trigger Labels
Allows you to separate an event's list of commands into different sections.
Tsukihime Jan 01, 2016 Event
Collision Exceptions
Events labeled with the same collision exception will not collide with each other.
DreamX Jan 01, 2016 Event
Movement Direction Lock
Allows you to restrict player movement temporarily using events.
Tsukihime Jan 01, 2016 Event
Save Title
You can use events to determine what the current save title should be.
Tsukihime Jan 01, 2016 Menu/ System
Sync Save Data
You can specify that certain data will be "synchronized", which means if you change the value in one game, all other save files as well as the title screen will be affected as long as you save the game.
Tsukihime Jan 01, 2016 Event
Better "Move Away From Player"
Events will be better at avoiding the player and get stuck less often.
DreamX Dec 31, 2015 Event
Tilemap Extensions (for YED_TileMap)
Enables you to draw regions in TileD much like you would draw regions in the MV Editor.
Liquidize​ Dec 30, 2015 Misc.
VE - Control Text
Allows the use to use Escape Codes (\c[x], \n[x], \i[x] and such) in every text on a window.
Victor Sant Dec 29, 2015 Text Message
Allow you to set an actor as a berserker
InBlast Dec 29, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
VE - Direct Commands
Allows to set skills or items to be used directly when selecting the commands, so the skill or item selection menu won’t be opened.
Victor Sant Dec 28, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Gauge Action System
Captures the OK button pressed down and fills the gauge until the OK button is released.
Procrafynation Dec 27, 2015 Menu/ System
VE - SFonts
SFonts are image files that replaces the normal font.
Victor Sant Dec 26, 2015 Misc.
The core plugin for localization, which contains all logic to load text and convert escape codes.
Iavra Dec 26, 2015 Misc.
Event Text
Shows text on the map that moves along with events.
Silver Dec 25, 2015 Event
Randomize Events
Erases or switches the self-switches of marked events on the map (automatically).
Silver Dec 23, 2015 Event
VE - Fog and Overlay
Allows to create overlay that can be used for fogs and other visual effects.
Victor Sant Dec 22, 2015 Misc.
Allow Luk to affect Skill Variance
Allow LUK to Affect and other Stats to effect variance of skills
Forteller/ Dark Confidant Dec 22, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Dynamic Language Change
You can change every system text
SamuelDivinium Dec 22, 2015 Misc.
Undead (invert healing <==> damage)
Converts healing to damage and/or damage to healing for undead enemies and/or players.
Silver Dec 22, 2015 Battle
Enemy State Overlays
Allows state overlays to be displayed on enemies in battle.
DreamX Dec 21, 2015 Battle
Christmas Pack (12 plugins)
Most plugins are simple, but very useful.
Fogomax Dec 20, 2015 Misc.
Visibility Range
Just a way to limit the player's visibility.
Galv Dec 20, 2015 Menu/ System
VE - Hit Formula
Allows you to setup different formulas to decide hit success of actions.
Victor Sant Dec 19, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
WindowLayer Fix
Fixes the WindowLayer class, by removing seemingly unneeded and restricting functions from it.
Iavra Dec 19, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Splash Video
Plays one or more videos prior to the title screen.
Iavra Dec 18, 2015 Menu/ System
Dual Weapon Restriction
Allows the Maker to easily make skills that require two weapons to be equipped to be useable.
superMasterSword Dec 18, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Allows you to add and name skill, weapon, and armor types past the RPGMV limit of 99.
Bobstah Dec 18, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Exp Tables
Allows your actors to level up by reaching the amount of experience points required.
Tsukihime Dec 17, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
VE - Character Frames
Allows you to use character with more frames than default.
Victor Sant Dec 17, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
VE - Diagonal Movement
Allows you to setup diagonal movement for the player and events.
Victor Sant Dec 15, 2015 Event
Message Pause Cursor
You are given more control over that pause cursor.
Tsukihime Dec 15, 2015 Text Message
Use Weapon and Armor in Battle
Allows player to use weapons and armor to invoke skills in battle.
Mr. Trivel Dec 13, 2015 Battle
Salvage Items
Allows players to salvage unneeded items and get something back.
Mr. Trivel Dec 13, 2015 Misc.
Character Frames
Enables you to use charactersets that have more than the default 3 frames per character.
Galv Dec 13, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Diagonal Movement
Enables player to move diagonally.
Galv Dec 13, 2015 Controls
MBS - Sound Emittance
Allows you to set sound emittances for events,
Masked Dec 11, 2015 Event
Video Title
Allows you to play a video on the title screen.
Iavra Dec 11, 2015 Menu/ System
Speed Manager
Allows you to easily change the default movement speeds in your game.
Karberus​ Dec 10, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
VE - Action Dodge
Allows you to setup evasion values for different actions.
Victor Sant Dec 10, 2015 Battle
Self Variables
Introduces the concept of "Self Variables" for your events.
Tsukihime Dec 10, 2015 Event
Can create event that use actor or party member graphic
Estriole Dec 09, 2015 Event
VE - Action States
Allows to setup a trait that allows to change the battlers states when hit with a specific action.
Victor Sant Dec 09, 2015 Battle
Gives you the possibility to give enemies a specific level or a range of levels.
FlipelyFlip Dec 09, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Provides the possibility to use custom money and exp-formulas.
FlipelyFlip Dec 09, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Provides you the features of defining the value of a switch or a variable via script codes directly with the switch name and also to keep it up to date at any time.
FlipelyFlip Dec 09, 2015 Event
Provides the feature of Pokemon to define basestats for actors and enemies.
FlipelyFlip Dec 09, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Sprite Zoom
Zoom events, the player and follower sprites!
Aramis-IX​ Dec 09, 2015 Event
Map Save Access
Allows you to specify which maps will have save access disabled by default.
Karberus​ Dec 08, 2015 Event
VE - Reflect Actions
Allows you to setup different triggers for damage reflection.
Victor Sant Dec 08, 2015 Battle
VE - Retaliation Damage
Allows to change the default mechanic of counters and reflect: the attacker can deal damage to the defending player before receiving the counter attack or magic reflect.
Victor Sant Dec 08, 2015 Battle
Battle Command: Use Skill
Allows you to add commands that allow your actors to use skills directly without accessing the skill menu.
Tsukihime Dec 07, 2015 Battle
Actor Battle Commands
Provides advanced battle command manage functionality that allows you to manage each and every one of your actors' battle commands.
Tsukihime Dec 07, 2015 Battle
Advanced Menus
Provides enhanced menu functionality for better mouse/touch navigation.
orlando Dec 06, 2015 Menu/ System
Text to Icon
Instead of drawing text, this plugin will drew an icon instead for specified texts.
DrDhoom​ Dec 06, 2015 Menu/ System
Elemental Negation
Allows you to specify negative element rates.
Tsukihime Dec 05, 2015 Battle
Action Indicators
For the player to know what the action button is going to do before they press it.
Galv Dec 05, 2015 Event
ZE - Character Poses
Allows you to change the image displayed for different characters on the screen, including the player's party.
Zalerinian Dec 05, 2015 Controls
VE - Counter Actions
Allows you to expand the counter attacks options.
Victor Sant Dec 04, 2015 Battle
Text Input Window
Enables a Command Input system.
darkkitten Dec 04, 2015 Menu/ System
Change Equip On Battle
Allows to change certain specified equipment types (specification is class-based) during battle, by adding an 'Equip' actor battle command opening a specific in-battle equip menu.
Unconnected42 Dec 03, 2015 Battle
Load last game after Game Over
It just modifies the way the GameOver scene works.
Torqus Dec 03, 2015 Menu/ System
Equip Slots Cannot Be Empty
Allows you to designate certain slots that cannot be empty.
Tsukihime Dec 02, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Footstep Sound Effects System​
Responsive footstep sound efx when actor moving​
Ryusa Dec 01, 2015 Misc.
random title display on start
Setting the title screen background to a random image of a selected group when the game starts.
WorldWakeSTU Dec 01, 2015 Menu/ System
Counter After Hit
Changes it so that the target does not evade automatically, and will perform the counter attack afterwards.
Tsukihime Dec 01, 2015 Battle
Single Actor
Creates menu for one actor only so no more empty space bothering.
Ventiq Dec 01, 2015 Menu/ Status
Zombie State
Create "zombie states" that damage affected battlers when they were to heal HP.
Atreyo Ray Dec 01, 2015 Battle
ZE - File List​
Maintains a list of all files available in a project's directory.
Zalerinian Dec 01, 2015 Misc.
zAPI - File Tools
An API to allow other plugins to read and write files easier.
Zalerinian Dec 01, 2015 Misc.
VE - Action Resistance
Allows to create effects that protects against specific actions.
Victor Sant Nov 30, 2015 Battle
[TF] Random Number Generator
Creates a random number and stores it into a in-game variable.
Tagflag Nov 30, 2015 Event
Cache Manager
Allows you to clear your image cache when changing maps, in order to reduce memory usage, especially on mobile devices.
Shaz Nov 30, 2015 Misc.
ZE - Free Jump​
Allow the player to jump freely on the map, rather than requiring an event to jump the player a set amount.
Zalerinian Nov 30, 2015 Event
Balloon Sound Effects
Automatically plays sound effects you set in the plugin settings for each 'balloon' (exclamation, question, sweat, etc).
Galv​ Nov 30, 2015 Event
Edge Handler
Can call a common event, with party's Direction and current Map ID set
whitesphere Nov 30, 2015 Event
Luminus Status Screen
Changes how Character Status is displayed.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Menu/ System
Actors get perk points on specific levels when leveling up or on every level up.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Menu/ System
Conjure Weapons
Allows skills to conjure weapons that last for a few turns or until battle ends.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Battle
Simple Skill Leveling
Skills change to their stronger or different versions after X uses.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Simple Mercenaries
Allows player to recruit mercenaries that last for X battles or until they die.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Event
Allows regions to sink players and events in.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Event
Hurt Sounds
Makes actors and enemies play a sound when they get hit.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Battle
Simple Shop Tax
Allows easy way to change prices for whole shop items at once.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Progress Title Screen
Changes title screen image according to highest game progress among the savefiles.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Menu/ System
Event Names
Allows events to show their names, pictures or icons above their heads.
Mr. Trivel Nov 30, 2015 Event
Gameover Events
Allows you to create your very own gameover events!
Tsukihime Nov 29, 2015 Event
VE - Action Conditions
Allows to setup specific condtions to allow some skills or items to be used.
Victor Sant Nov 29, 2015 Event
State Damage Modifiers
Allows you to further apply additional damage modifiers, which essentially allows you to change the damage even further.
Tsukihime Nov 29, 2015 Battle
Draggable Camera
Allows the player to drag and move the camera.
Fogomax Nov 29, 2015 Controls
In-Game Manual
Allows you to create a scene that works like an in-game manual, and reads its contents from a text file.
Atreyo Ray​ Nov 29, 2015 Menu/ System
States Core
Allows you to see the amount of turns remaining on your states, as well as enemy states.
Liquidize​ Nov 29, 2015 Misc.
menu background filter
Applies pixi filter to the background of menus
kentaromiura Nov 28, 2015 Menu/ System
VE - Action Strengthen
Allows to create effects that strengthen specific actions.
Victor Sant Nov 28, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom State Eval
Enables evaluation of custom js code in state notetag box when states are added and when states are removed.
DCF Nov 28, 2015 Misc.
Cam Control
Allow more control over the game's camera focus.
Galv Nov 28, 2015 Controls
Item Sort
Will sort your skills, items, and equipments by user's defined value.
Heartbreak61​ Nov 28, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
EST - Battle Royale EVO
Allow us to have battle royale in our game...
Estriole Nov 28, 2015 Battle
VE - Passive States
Allows to create states that are always active or are active under certain conditions.
Passive States Nov 27, 2015 Battle
Monster Breeding System
Creates a monster/actor storage box system.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 27, 2015 Menu/ System
Weapon Proficiency
Allows a type of Weapon or Armor to have its effectiveness tweaked, on a per-Class or per-Actor, or per-State basis.
whitesphere Nov 27, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom Party Leader
You can set up who will be the leaders of parties and troops, and build additional plugins on top of it that allow you to use these leaders to implement new game mechanics.
Tsukihime Nov 27, 2015 Menu/ System
Monster Storage Box
Creates a monster/actor storage box system.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 27, 2015 Menu/ System
Difficulty Setting
Allows you to set difficulties that affects enemies stats, exp, gold, and shop price.
Heartbreak61​ Nov 27, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Dash Stamina
Disables dashing on the map when you run out of stamina.
Silver Nov 26, 2015 Controls
Menu Background and Windows Opacity
Adds background for each menu and modified each opacity windows.
Rito Nov 26, 2015 Menu/ System
Dynamic Traits and Effects
Allows you to add and remove traits and effects on database items during gameplay, and to put their values into variables for querying.
Shaz Nov 26, 2015 Misc.
Allows creating skills like "Life4" from Final Fantasy.
whitesphere Nov 26, 2015 Battle
Fast Face
You can set the face by plugin command and the message box will show the image that you have set without defining the face every time you show message.
izyees Nov 26, 2015 Text Message
Enemy Levels
You could use levels as a way to determine their difficulty level compared to the actor's current level.
Tsukihime Nov 26, 2015 Battle
Equipment Extra Damage
Allows your equipment (and states) to deal additional damage.
Alistair Nov 26, 2015 Battle
Steal Item Skill
Creates skills that can steal items from enemies.
Atreyo Ray​ Nov 26, 2015 Battle
Vehicle Radio
You can now randomly change your radio by pressing 'L' or whatever key you want.
izyees Nov 25, 2015 Event
State Change Animations
Gives you the tools to play some animations when your state changes!
Tsukihime Nov 25, 2015 Battle
Experience Gauge Bar in Menu
Add a simple experience gauge bar in menu.
Rito Nov 25, 2015 Menu/ System
PH - Sprite Reflection
Allows you to reflect any character on the water.
PrimeHover Nov 25, 2015 Misc.
BM VK Equip
Icons for equipment types (based on types assigned in Database or custom numbers
Blackmorning Nov 25, 2015 Menu/ System
Event Touch Radius
Can trigger any "Event Touch" action when the player gets within a specified distance.
whitesphere Nov 25, 2015 Event
State Add/Remove Commands
Allows you to run commands when a state is added or removed.
Shaz Nov 24, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Bare Handed Bonuses
Allows you to have characters who are not currently wielding weapons (or are wielding only bare-handed specific weapons such as Claws) gain bonuses to their stats.
whitesphere Nov 24, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Supports stealth missions.
whitesphere Nov 24, 2015 Event
Enemy Classes
Allows you to assign classes to enemies.
Tsukihime Nov 24, 2015 Battle
Creates a minimap based on either supplied pictures or generated from terrain tags.
Iavra Nov 24, 2015 Menu/ System
Silvers Keybinding
Can even use different string-values for RM-keys without any problem whatsoever
Silver Nov 24, 2015 Misc.
Silvers Advanced Minimap
Allow custom minimap-blips per event and also allow users to set a default blip for events.
Silver Nov 24, 2015 Event
Automatic Fullscreen for Standalone
Automatically enters fullscreen if running as a standalone version.
orlando Nov 23, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Change Battleback
Allows you to change battle backgrounds during battle.
Tsukihime Nov 23, 2015 Battle
Random Audio
Allows to play randomly and automatically SE, ME, BGS and BGM.
Lecode​ Nov 22, 2015 Misc.
GameEnd Custom
Add background and replace window command by picture
Rito Nov 22, 2015 Menu/ System
Shield States
Provides the user with the ability to add different types of "Shields" to actors and enemies.
Liquidize​ Nov 22, 2015 Battle
Side-view Actor Enemies 1.2
You can easily set up enemies to use side-view actor sprites.
Nov 22, 2015 Nov 22, 2015 Battle
Mini Map
Shows a mini map at a map that has meta data. The mini map is generated automatically from the map data on the fly.
Hajime Hoshi​ Nov 22, 2015 Menu/ System
Battle Formation
Adds the possibility to create battle formations with defined positions and bonuses.
Lecode Nov 22, 2015 Battle
Defined Sound Variables
Makes it so you don't have to define sound variables every time you want to call sound scripts.
HonestInnocence Nov 22, 2015 Misc.
Menu Location Window
Adds a location window to your menu screen, complete with full text code functionality.
JGreene Nov 22, 2015 Menu/ System
Self Variables
Adds self variables to the game, that work similar to self switches.
Iavra Nov 21, 2015 Event
State Countdown Popup
Allows you to display a small number popup above a battler's head that represents the number of turns left before a particular state expires.
Tsukihime Nov 21, 2015 Battle
MRP OptionParser
Allows your plugin to accept configuration settings written in a familiar, human-readable "note tag" syntax you are probably already trying to use!
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong) Nov 21, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Map Animation Effects
Adds visual effects to maps using animations
Galv Nov 21, 2015 Misc.
Enemy Equips
Provides you with the ability to give enemies equips.
Tsukihime Nov 21, 2015 Battle
Passive Skill
Allows actors to learn passive skill. Passive skill, unlike offensive skill, is a skill that grants permanent traits bonus to the actor who learn it.
Moogle_X Nov 21, 2015 Battle
Airship (Simple Scaling)
Enables to scale a map when using a airship like FF4.
Hajime Hoshi​ Nov 20, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Remove State on Action
Allows you to assign a new “auto removal” condition to your states: Remove State On Action.
Tsukihime Nov 20, 2015 Battle
Title Motions
Replace the default title background with my animated one or more familiar with "motion" because it's only for background.
izyees Nov 20, 2015 Menu/ System
Progressive States
Allows you to set up your states so that when the state is removed automatically, new states will be added.
Tsukihime Nov 20, 2015 Battle
Overriding States
You can indicate whether your states will remove other states when they are added.
Tsukihime Nov 19, 2015 Battle
Timer Pause
Provides you with two script calls that will allow you to easily pause and resume the game timer!
Tsukihime Nov 19, 2015 Controls
Upgraded Shop Scene
Completely overrides the default scene shop to add more features and graphics.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 19, 2015 Menu/ System
Equip Skill System
Adds equip skill mechanic to all actors. Each time an actor learn a new skill, that skill will be added to his/her "Skill Pool".
Moogle_X Nov 18, 2015 Menu/ System
BetterTroopSorting + DrawEventsShadow
Will re-arrange the enemies' troop so that returns a better look in visually.
Mr. Liu or Guo Yan Yun Yan Nov 18, 2015 Misc.
Easter Egg
Secret command features.
saronpasu Nov 18, 2015 Event
Magic Shards
A new way to add customization to your actors.
Galv Nov 18, 2015 Menu/ System
Command Icons
Adds Icons to command windows in the scenes you want.
Atreyo Ray Nov 18, 2015 Menu/ System
Skill Proficiency
Gives each skill a rank and proficiency level that is increased by using that skill.
BlackRaison Nov 18, 2015 Battle
Actor Command Columns
Adds the ability to add columns to the Actor Command window (the window where you choose whether to use skills, items, guard, etc).
Joronjo​ Nov 18, 2015 Battle
Toggle-able States
Allows you to create toggle-able states.
Tsukihime Nov 18, 2015 Battle
Custom Death States
Allows you to designate additional states as “death” states.
Tsukihime Nov 18, 2015 Battle
Other IconSet
Allows you to use another IconSet in Yanfly Item Core and Shop Menu Core.
bsides Nov 17, 2015 Menu/ System
Enemy Reinforcements
You can create enemy skills that will essentially summon new enemies to battle.
Tsukihime Nov 17, 2015 Battle
TP Upgrade
Can set an Actor's Max TP to be a certain value or JavaScript formula.
SumRndmDde Nov 17, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
EST - RegionMapLoader
Replace map data you mark with region with other map data.
Estriole Nov 16, 2015 Misc.
Skills with multiple possible visual effects
Allows you to have some skills with multiple possible visual effects.
Mellye Nov 16, 2015 Battle
Destination Sprite
You can change the destination place sprite of the mouse\touch input
Krimer Nov 16, 2015 Controls
Enemy Hp Guage
Adds an hp bar to enemies during battle.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 16, 2015 Battle
Fix Picture
Allows you to fix images on the map, so it does not move with the camera.
Fogomax Nov 16, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
[GPS] GeoLogger and GeoManager
For mobile app.
saronpasu Nov 15, 2015 Misc.
PH - Warehouse/Storage
Allows the creation of warehouses where you can store items in the game.
PrimeHover Nov 15, 2015 Menu/ System
Menu Fade
Adds fade in and fade out to menu scenes when transitioning from and to the map.
Galv Nov 14, 2015 Menu/ System
Multi Timers
Allows you to have multiple timers running at once, with no timer display, to execute any command after counting down
Shaz Nov 14, 2015 Event
Easy audio Looping
You can create different kinds of loops for the same music file if you wanted to, without distributing multiple copies of the same file.
Tsukihime Nov 14, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Note Files
Allows to store notetags in text files and reference them from database objects and events.
Iavra Nov 14, 2015 Misc.
Improve Counter Attack State
Overrides function BattleManager.invokeAction and counter mechanism by default
1224Deko Nov 14, 2015 Battle
Jump Ability
A basic plugin for now with plans to enhance it to add jump bonuses in future.
Galv Nov 13, 2015 Controls
Equip Slots Core
Provides bare-bones equip slots functionality and does not come with a custom scene.
Tsukihime Nov 13, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Emoji Engine MV - Origin "EmojiBase​
It's store params and permit to extract plugin parameters easily and faster then the default manner.
Nio Kasgami Nov 13, 2015 Misc.
PH - Video Title
Allows you to put a video at the background of the Title Screen instead of a static image.
PrimeHover Nov 13, 2015 Menu/ System
BattleGround Animation
Scrolling Battle Background by command
Rito Nov 13, 2015 Battle
Actors Friendship System
Adds friendship mechanic between the main actor and other actors of your choice.
Moogle_X Nov 12, 2015 Menu/ System
New Type for Item
Add between 1-6 new Item Type.​
Ryuk Nov 12, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Neon Black's Large Sprite Fix
This is Neon Black's Large Sprite Fix ported from Ace.
Shaz Nov 12, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Save Event Position
Lets you set a position and direction where an event will be the next time the map is loaded
Shaz Nov 12, 2015 Event
Visual Equipment
Able to have equipment be visual by applying "parts" to a sprite.
Rexal Nov 12, 2015 Misc.
PH - Quest Book
Allows you to create a quest book that can be managed by a single common event and plugin commands.
PrimeHover Nov 12, 2015 Event
Multiple Inventories
Provides functionality that will allow you to manage your inventories using events!
Tsukihime Nov 12, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom Stat Growth
Allows the use of custom formulas to determine stat growth. ​
Frozen_Phoenix Nov 12, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Element Ex
Allows More control over element attack and defense up to and including element absorption.
Maliki79 Nov 12, 2015 Battle
MUE Heal on Actions
Allows you to set a percent and when the player or party members equip armor or level up they will gain hp based on that percentage
Mute Day (Mutation Industries) Nov 12, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Equipment Socketing & Upgrade System
You can create pieces of armor that can be socketed into another item that has sockets.
Bobstah Nov 11, 2015 Menu/ System
Class Items
Specify items to be used or affect only certain classes
Musashii Nov 11, 2015 Misc.
Linked Variables
Allows you to link variables to commands, so the command is evaluated and returned as the value of the variable.
Shaz Nov 11, 2015 Event
Linked Switches
Allows you to link switches to commands, so the command is evaluated and returned as the value of the switch.
Shaz Nov 11, 2015 Event
Stop All Movements On Message
Automatically stops all events' movement when the message window is active.
Lecode​ Nov 11, 2015 Event
EST - Build And Decor EX
You can have 'decoration' item that you can place to customize your map
Estriole Nov 10, 2015 Event
Allow you to restore a saved game with the player in a specific location that you can set in a variety of ways.
NoTaku Nov 10, 2015 Event
Stop PC/NPC Movement
To allow the developer to stop PC/NPC movement based on switches.
Jackkel Dragon​ Nov 10, 2015 Event
Placeholder Message Faces
Offers a solution that allows you to easily set up messages that will display the appropriate faces depending on the actor’s current face.
Tsukihime Nov 10, 2015 Text Message
Location Loader
Allows users to designate a location for players to respawn after loading a saved game.
Maliki79 Nov 10, 2015 Misc.
No Fast Forward​
Lets you disable fast-forwarding for Move Routes and/or Show Text.
Galenmereth Nov 10, 2015 Controls
Resolution Option
Adds options to change the resolution.
Shirakami​ Nov 09, 2015 Menu/ System
Allows you to use skills on the field.
Fox536 Nov 09, 2015 Event
Swipe Move
Gives information about the move/touch swipe through script calls
Fogomax Nov 09, 2015 Controls
Menu Music
Not only can you choose what BGM to play, you can also change it at anytime during the game with events.
Tsukihime Nov 09, 2015 Menu/ System
Hidden Shop Goods
Allows you to hide shop goods quickly and easily using a simple command.
Tsukihime Nov 09, 2015 Event
Simple Battle Status Faces
Draws the actor's faces in the Battle Status window, the goal of not blocking the actor's faces too much.
DreamX Nov 08, 2015 Battle
Enables copy & paste inside the devtools window in OSX, and also changes the default position of the devtools window, moving it over a little bit so that you can see its menu bar and move it around.
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong) Nov 08, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Bust Menu
"Menu Layout" script joins MV, now called "Bust Menu"
Galv Nov 08, 2015 Menu/ System
Zombie/Vampiric State
Allow you to use notetags to create Zombie and Vampiric States.
Alistair Nov 08, 2015 Battle
States' Auto Trigger
Adds states automatically to battlers when a condition is met.
Lecode​ Nov 08, 2015 Battle
Custom Sell Prices
Allows you to not only set your own default percent value for selling items, but even allows you to set specific sell prices with note tags.
FDSuprema Nov 08, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Random Encounter Events
Gives you the tools to apply your eventing knowledge towards random encounters as well.
Tsukihime Nov 08, 2015 Event
SimpleText on Map
Display texts on screen.
Rui Nov 08, 2015 Text Message
Dragon Engine - Ring Scene Menu
Replaces your current scene menu with a lightweight ring menu system.
Ramiro Nov 08, 2015 Menu/ System
Dual Wield
Allows developers to define weapons as "two-handed".
Maliki79 Nov 08, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Critical Common Event
Allows you to call a common event whenever an actor or enemy lands a critical hit.
Bobstah Nov 07, 2015 Battle
MiniMap Maker
Call the Plugin Command MakeMap and you'll get one of the map you're currently on!
HeroicJay Nov 07, 2015 Menu/ System
Conditional Choice Text
You can easily change a choice's text using events.
Tsukihime Nov 07, 2015 Text Message
MRP MapExporter
Allows you to export your entire map as a big PNG file.
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong) Nov 07, 2015 Misc.
Final Fantasy Style BattleLog
It acts as a replacement for the default BattleLog.
WCouillard Nov 07, 2015 Battle
More Enemy Drops
Give you more flexibility when designing your enemies.
Tsukihime Nov 07, 2015 Battle
Boss HP Gauge
Add a boss hp gauge to the battle screen.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 07, 2015 Battle
Double Cast State
Allows you to easily double the number of times certain skills are casted.
Tsukihime Nov 07, 2015 Battle
CRT Monitor Effect
Puts your game-world inside a CRT/LED-hybrid monitor for a unique aesthetic.
Firgof Nov 06, 2015 Misc.
Shared Variables
Shared variables and control command.
saronpasu Nov 06, 2015 Event
Custom Text on Title Screen
Allows you to customize and display a single text in the Title Screen of your game.
Mellye Nov 06, 2015 Menu/ System
Pre-Title Events
You can easily put together what should happen before the title screen using events that you are already familiar with.
Tsukihime Nov 06, 2015 Event
Rarity Item Color System
It allows you to enter a level of rarity (from 0 to 5) and color name.
cellicom​ Nov 06, 2015 Menu/ System
Drop Items Conditions
Allows you to define conditions for certain items to drop using formulas.
Musashii​ Nov 06, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Choices Cursor
It shows a image of a cursor that improves the vision of the option selected in the Message Choices, awesome to mobile games
Fogomax Nov 06, 2015 Text Message
KTK - Scroll Announcement
Allow you to send a scrolling message on the top of screen to the player.
Fogomax Nov 06, 2015 Text Message
Random Repeats
Gives you the ability to do just that quickly and easily!
Tsukihime Nov 06, 2015 Battle
Skill HP Condition
Set condition for specific skill to be usable if actor has HP less / more than XX percent.
Woratana Nov 06, 2015 Battle
Reserve Members Exp Rate
You can set a different rate of exp for reserve members.
Musashii​ Nov 06, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
MBS - Smooth Scroll
Introduces a new basic battle layout that can somewhat customized.
Masked Nov 05, 2015 Controls
Battle Status Extended
Introduces a new basic battle layout that can somewhat customized.
Bobstah Nov 05, 2015 Battle
Battle Result Switches
Allows you to turn on switches when a battle is won, lost, escaped or aborted, which you can then use to trigger common events or map events.
Shaz Nov 05, 2015 Battle
Simple Event Fade
Adds the ability to make events fade in or out over a set duration of frames much more easily than having to repeatedly set the opacity over and over again.
kuoushi Nov 05, 2015 Event
Message Sound Effects
Add sound effects for when each character appears during 'Show Text' messages.
Galv Nov 05, 2015 Text Message
New Game Event
You can set one Common Event to launch immediately once someone starts a "New Game."
JahwsUF Nov 05, 2015 Event
N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events
Shows text over events, player, and followers on the map.
Nelderson Nov 05, 2015 Text Message
Unleash Skills
Allows you to give weapons and skills a chance to activate a different skill in its place.
Vadavim Nov 05, 2015 Battle
Hidden Choice Conditions
You can use a simple event call to hide a choice.
Tsukihime Nov 05, 2015 Text Message
Monster Book
Records and holds info of all enemies you killed what loot you gained from them.
Mr. Trivel Nov 05, 2015 Menu/ System
Automatically set text color and Word correction
Estriole Nov 05, 2015 Text Message
Text Sound
Dynamically plays sound effects, while text messages are printed.
Iavra Nov 05, 2015 Text Message
Lighting system
Turn a dungeon into a dark cellar with lightsources in any color.
Terrax Nov 05, 2015 Event
Equip Battle Command
Allows to access equip window to change equipment in battle.
Jeneeus Guruman​ Nov 05, 2015 Battle
Keep Moving
Allows events to keep moving when you interact with them, overriding the default behaviour where the event pauses its move route and turns towards you.
Shaz Nov 04, 2015 Event
Zelda Style Map Transitions
Will scroll the map when you get to the edge instead of the normal auto center.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 04, 2015 Misc.
Crafting System
A simple crafting system, to craft items, weapons and armors based on recipes and recipe books.
Szyu Nov 04, 2015 Menu/ System
Gameus' Quest System
Simple UI to keep track of quests with some customization options
gameus Nov 04, 2015 Menu/ System
Enhanced Restrictions
Allows you to restrict equipment, items, the items battle command, skills, and skill types by actor ID, class ID, stat (hp, mp, tp, mhp, atk, cri, pdr, etc) minimum value, stat maximum value, other weapon equipped, other armor equipped, switch on/off, variable minimum value, variable maximum value, and a custom Eval option.
Bobstah Nov 04, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom State Damage
Let you use notetags to determine the damage/regen done by a state (instead of being always a percentage of the target's max hp/mp/tp)
Frozen_Phoenix Nov 04, 2015 Battle
Character Animations
Add ways to make your games more visually appealing.
Galv Nov 04, 2015 Event
Item Log
Shows a log of the last looted items.
Silver Nov 04, 2015 Menu/ System
Liquid Logging Utility
The ability to log formatted messages and objects to any built in appender (Developer Console for example).
Liquidize Nov 03, 2015 Misc.
Nio Kasgami Engine MV - "Exprite"
Utility Plugin who extend the Current sprite classes for being more "Ace-like" with in same time conserve all the the MV option.
Nio Kasgami Nov 03, 2015 Misc.
Compilation of Vlue's plugins
Vlue Nov 03, 2015 Misc.
Battle Windows Customization
Allow you to customize nearly everything about the battle windows however you like.
Karberus​ Nov 03, 2015 Battle
Template String
Offers template string feature like ES6.
hajimehoshi Nov 03, 2015 Text Message
Recording User input, and automatic game play.
saronpasu Nov 03, 2015 Controls
Allows the usage of animated images (like Gifs), which are present in form of an image strip.
Iavra Nov 03, 2015 Event
Damage Drain/Recoil Rate
Allows to include a state that will PASSIVELY drains a percentage of damage based on the damage dealt to the target as long as the one that has a drain rate parameter.
Jeneeus Guruman​ Nov 02, 2015 Battle
Gain Extra Stats (HP, MP) after each Battle
Possible to regain some hp/mp for each actor after the battle.
Gilles Nov 02, 2015 Battle
Auto Battle Plugin
Adds 2 Auto Attack Commands to your Battle Windows.
Gilles Nov 02, 2015 Battle
Message Busts
To show busts in message.
Galv Nov 02, 2015 Text Message
Can give Size to event.
Estriole Nov 02, 2015 Event
MBS - Mobile DirPad & Action Button
Creates a Directional Pad and action buttons on the screen when the game is played with mobile devices.
Masked Nov 02, 2015 Controls
Mana Shield
Allow Weapons, Armours and States to act as Mana Shields.
Alistair Nov 02, 2015 Battle
Special State: Autolife
Allows to include a state that will automatically revive the KO-ed target whenever the state is active.
Jeneeus Guruman​ Nov 01, 2015 Battle
Simple Follower Control​
Will allow you some control over your followers.
Karberus​ Nov 01, 2015 Event
Liquid Enemy Enmity
A plugin/addon for Yanfly's Battle Engine Core, and Yanfly's Battle AI Core plugins.
Liquidize Nov 01, 2015 Battle
Item Colors
Allows you to edit the colors of items, weapons and armors.
kranasAngel Nov 01, 2015 Menu/ System
Class-Changing Equipment
Equips that can change class.
Mellye Nov 01, 2015 Misc.
Item Combination System
To make an item combination system.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 01, 2015 Menu/ System
Quasi Params Plus
Allows you to add a fixed param value to states and equipment.
Quxios Nov 01, 2015 Misc.
Show exp in main menu
To show the required exp in the main menu.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 01, 2015 Menu/ System
Equipment Rarity Colors
To change the items color in the menus based on what rarity value you assign to it.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 01, 2015 Menu/ System
For leveling monsters based on values. It has a nice amount of customization stuff that you can do.
Frysning Nov 01, 2015 Battle
Disabled Choice Conditions
Provides an easy way for you to disable each choice based on your own custom conditions using tools that you are already familiar with!
Tsukihime Nov 01, 2015 Text Message
Menu Animated Cursor
Displays an image as a cursor on windows' selection field.
Lecode Nov 01, 2015 Menu/ System
Simple Ajax
One simple function that returns a text variable from a web server using some entered variables.
Amy Pond Nov 01, 2015 Misc.
Sensor SelfSwitch
Activates a self switch when a player is in a certain proximity of an event.
Lyson Nov 01, 2015 Event
Save File Extras
Show extra information in the save screen, including location, character level, and party gold.
Amuseum Nov 01, 2015 Menu/ System
Changes your class when you equip a different weapon.
Jeremy Cannady Nov 01, 2015 Misc.
Allows you have a moving fog overlay on a map.
Shaz Oct 31, 2015 Misc.
Common Event Window
Add a customizable scene to your game.
Torqus Oct 31, 2015 Menu/ System
Tired of the plain, vanilla Status menu that came with the game?
JahwsUF Oct 31, 2015 Menu/ System
Adds portraits to Actors in the BattleStatus window.
MICHAEL DIONNE Oct 31, 2015 Battle
State Damage
Allows you to setup damage formulas for you States, just as if they were skills.
Mellye Oct 31, 2015 Battle
TDW TP Changes
Allows you to change some aspects of how TP works.
wrigty12​ Oct 31, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Custom Stats
Allows you to set custom number or percentage stats at the Actor, Class, and Enemy level.
Bobstah Oct 31, 2015 Misc.
Skip Title Screen
Skips the title screen for faster debugging your game.
Silver Oct 31, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Layer Graphics
Allows you to use graphics as layers on the map, designed to be used for layer mapping (parallax mapping), fogs and other effects.
Galv Oct 30, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Pharonix Equipment Restrictions
Will allow you to set a required level for armor and weapons.
Pharonix Oct 30, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Level Up Bonuses
Allows a multitude of bonuses to be given to actors (or taken from them!) upon level up
Bobstah Oct 30, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
State Overlay Control
This lets your break the State Overlay Limit and control some of the parameters associated with it.
Quickdraws Oct 30, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Menu Mouse Scroll
Enable mouse wheel and touch swipe to scroll through characters in main menu and lists.
Amuseum Oct 30, 2015 Menu/ System
Random Actor and Enemy Names
Allows the user to define lists of names (as either a parameter for the plugin, or in the actor/enemy notebox) from which an actor or enemy can randomly select a name on setup.
Feldherren Oct 30, 2015 Misc.
Ammunition System & Add-on (Crafting System)
To define costs in terms of gold, items or equipments (that is, armors or weapons) for skills or weapons use.
Unconnected42 Oct 30, 2015 Menu/ System
Skill: Steal
Allows for actors to steal items and skills from enemies.
Mr. Trivel Oct 30, 2015 Battle
To make the npc detect the presence of the player or another npc!
Kvothe/Dax Oct 30, 2015 Event
MBS - Map Zoom
Allows you to change the map zoom with some simple Plugin Commands
Masked​ Oct 29, 2015 Event
Title shutdown command
Adds a Shutdown command to the Title screen, for people who miss that functionality, and do not want to exit by ALT+F4 the game.
Schlangan Oct 29, 2015 Menu/ System
Can shift event graphic by x pixel.
Estriole Oct 29, 2015 Event
Random Enemies
Have an enemy be switched out for another at the start of the battle.
Rexal​ Oct 29, 2015 Battle
Any speed scrolling text
Removes limits on scrolling text speed by overriding editor value
NoInkling Oct 29, 2015 Event
TDW Extra Weapon Requirements
Allows your skills to have more than the allowed 2 weapon requirements.
wrigty12​ Oct 29, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Event Popup
To display popups messages above events, which can be used for speech bubbles or on chests.
Iavra Oct 29, 2015 Event
Add New Event in current map Based on other event in current/other Map.
Estriole Oct 29, 2015 Event
Damage Postfix
For people who like big numbers, but want to make them smaller in space.
Mr. Trivel Oct 29, 2015 Battle
MBS - Visual Equipment
Displays specific images on game characters depending on what items they are equipped with.
Masked​ Oct 28, 2015 Misc.
Bodkaa ScreenFit
Allow the game to fit the screen to the resolution set on the pc.
Bodkaa Oct 28, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
TTS(Text To Speech)
Text To Speech
saronpasu Oct 28, 2015 Text Message
Animated Enemies
Tired of boring static enemies? Mix it up with some ANIMATED ENEMIES.
Rexal Oct 28, 2015 Battle
End Phase Triggers
The game will perform an extra check before the end of battle to see whether there are any events that can be run, and proceed to run them!
Tsukihime Oct 28, 2015 Battle
Graphics Changer
Allows to change sprite, face, and sideview graphics automatically depending on the current battler's states, equipment, and class.
Jeneeus Guruman​ Oct 28, 2015 Menu/ System
Day and Night Script
Changing the tones on specific times of the days.
Frysning Oct 28, 2015 Event
Auto Push NPC
Allow the player to push NPCs when they obstruct his way.
Lecode​ Oct 28, 2015 Event
More State overlay
To provide the possibility to add more state overlay than the default set.
Hakuryo Oct 28, 2015 Menu/ System
Level Up Events
You can accomplish anything you want when your actors level up!
Tsukihime Oct 28, 2015 Event
Common Event Queue
You can reserve as many common events as you want and all of them will be executed.
Tsukihime Oct 28, 2015 Event
Battle Character Limit
Allows to have more allied characters in battle.
Mr. Trivel Oct 28, 2015 Battle
States EX
Adds more functionality to states.
Mr. Trivel Oct 27, 2015 Battle
Simple Land Vehicle
Will replace the boat vehicle and make it into a vehicle that can be driven in land, but not in water.
Karberus​ Oct 27, 2015 Misc.
Font Editor/Loader
Loads custom fonts placed in the fonts folder.
Traverse Oct 27, 2015 Misc.
Map Edge Transfer
Allows you to add automatic transfers to the edges of your map.
Shaz Oct 27, 2015 Misc.
Custom Class Change
That lets the developer have more control over the changing of an actor's class.
ArcherBanish​ Oct 27, 2015 Event
Class Changing
Adds a "Job" entry to the main menu which can be used to change classes for the characters.
Hooptie Oct 27, 2015 Menu/ System
Battle Weather
You can have your weather effects carry over into battle!
Tsukihime Oct 27, 2015 Battle
Plugin Dependency Manager
Allows easy management of plugin dependencies and conflicts, including their relative positioning.
NIGIC Oct 27, 2015 Misc.
Persistent Switches
To allow the use of persistent switches (which do not reset their values between saved games).
Jackkel Dragon Oct 27, 2015 Events
Battle Auto Selection
Allows to skip the selection window when there is only one available enemy or one available ally.
Lecode Oct 27, 2015 Battle
Vehicle On/Off Locations
Restrict the player from getting on/off vehicles by using regions or terrain tags.
Galv​ Oct 27, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Tinys Revive By Item
Lets the player not go gameover after defeat when owning a specific item.
TinyMine​ Oct 26, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
No Battle BGM
Allows you to prevent battle BGMs and thus having the map BGM continue during combat.
MikauSchekzen Oct 26, 2015 Battle
Tinys Pop Up Icon
A small Plugin Command lets you pop up an icon like you would do it with balloons above characters and events.
TinyMine​ Oct 26, 2015 Event
Message Background
To make messages prettier.
Galv Oct 26, 2015 Text Message
Window/Text Padding
Allows you to enter custom values for the Global settings for Line Height, and Window Padding.
AppointedPie Oct 26, 2015 Text Message
Death Common Event
Make an aliased call to Game_BattlerBase.die that checks if the Battler is an Actor or Enemy.
Chronosv2 Oct 26, 2015 Event
Nio Simple Max Actor
Permit to change the max battle member in battle.
Nio Kasgami ​ Oct 26, 2015 Battle
Notifications System
Draws some notifications according to in game events. Like gain gold, change exp, level up, ect.
Lecode Oct 25, 2015 Event
Generic Popup
Allows to display generic popups messages on the screen.
Iavra Oct 25, 2015 Text Message
Tom's Title Skipper
Will skip your Title call
Thomas Pham Oct 25, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Random Battle BGM
Whenever battle starts, this plugin will randomly play one of the BGM's that you choose.
Karberus​ Oct 25, 2015 Battle
Heal on Level Up
Allows you to heal HP, MP and remove states on level up for all party members, or for individual actors
Shaz Oct 25, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Window Message Font Colour
Adds an option to change the font size, colour, outline width and the outline colour of the message boxes in your game.
MechaGS​ Oct 25, 2015 Text Message
Custom Page Conditions
Provides you with an easy way to define your own page conditions without having to come up with workarounds.
Tsukihime Oct 25, 2015 Event
Prettier Gauges
Adds a few options for making gauges prettier.
Rocketmancer​ Oct 25, 2015 Menu/ System
DMV Map Buttons
Creates up to 25 map buttons that can be used to run almost any code you desire.
Dekita Oct 25, 2015 Menu/ System
N.A.S.T.Y. Replace Window with Picture
Uses pictures instead of windows you specify.
Nelderson Oct 25, 2015 Menu/ System
Can save from the map events so it won't be reloaded from database when entering new map.
Estriole Oct 25, 2015 Event
Title Command Exit
That gives back the "Quit Game" option to the title screen.
Atreyo Ray Oct 25, 2015 Menu/ System
Move Route Extras
Could use the same extra move route commands as Ace did.
Galv​ Oct 25, 2015 Event
Battle High Speed Mode
You can battle animation speed adjustment.
Shoichiro Sakamoto Oct 25, 2015 Battle
Animate Everything (+ Easing Library)
Provides a generic way to animate every float property on every obj
Iavra Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
Translate Term Plugin
Actively changes translate terms.
saronpasu Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
Balloon Popup Sound Effect
Allows you to play a Sound Effect when using the Show Balloon Icon on events.
Jtanooki Oct 24, 2015 Event
Manage Dashing
Lets you manage the dashing mode (or disable it altogether!) in your game with simple plugin options.
Galenmereth Oct 24, 2015 Controls
Bind Pictures To Map
Lets you bind the movement of pictures to the movement of the map rather than to the camera, for what is popularly called parallax mapping.
Galenmereth Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
Preemptive-Surprise Event Battle
Allows to make evented encounters have preemptive and surprise encounters.
Jeneeus Guruman​ Oct 24, 2015 Battle
Smart Pathfinding
Allows you to set up smart pathfinding for events.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Event
More Escape Codes
Allows additional escape codes to be used in message boxes.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Text Message
More Character Frames
Allows you to have more than 3 character frames on your on-map sprite.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Looping Animations on Map
Allows you to loop animations on map events.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Event
Lazy Tilesets
Allows you to export, import, and copy tileset slots and flags, to save the tedious task of setting them all up manually.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
Ellye's ATB (also includes CTB option)
Changes the way your battle works slightly, by turning it into ATB (Active Time Battle) combat; as many of the Final Fantasy games (plus a few others).
Mellye Oct 24, 2015 Battle
Change Tile Size
Allows you to change from the default tile size of 48x48 to something larger or smaller.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Change Battle Mode
Allows you to switch between front-view and side-view battle mode within a single game, overriding the setting in the System tab.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Battle
Actor Stepping Animation
Allows you to have your actors or followers animate while on the map - for example, party members with wings, slimes, etc.
Shaz Oct 24, 2015 Tweaks/ Fix
Pixel Perfect Collition
A scripter's tool to allow to check pixel perfect collitions between pixels.
Ramiro Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
SnowMV - Simple Gathering
A way to easily setup an item gathering event, including requirements for gathering (such as Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, etc.) and highly customisable odds based upon what you are gathering and what tools you are using.
Sn0wCrack Oct 24, 2015 Event
Large Choices
This plugin makes your job easier by directly allowing you to create choice selections with more than 6 options
Tsukihime Oct 24, 2015 Text Message
Plugin case changer
Changes the casing of plugin commands
Zeriab Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
Preload Manager
Lets you preload resources on both map load (in between map transfers) and/or upon starting the game to ensure resources such as pictures, music and sound effects are preloaded and guaranteed ready to go for player interaction.
Galenmereth Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
Mouse System Ex
Lets you set and change custom mouse cursors during gameplay and event interaction; enables mouse interaction to trigger events without the player character, and much more.
Galenmereth Oct 24, 2015 Menu/ System
Battle Commands Customization
Allows you to add skills, items, and a combined skill menu option to an Actor's and Class' battle commands, as well as reordering existing commands to meet your liking.
Bobstah Oct 24, 2015 Battle
The point of having a community core script is compatibility.
Zalerinian Oct 24, 2015 Misc.
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